How to Dress Oneself and Look Good

If you dress well you'll feel better. Dressing appropriately and looking good is an art form you can enjoy for the rest of your life.


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    Colours . The colours you wear should compliment your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. Don’t be afraid to break out of the black and go for something colourful. Just make sure the colours are flattering. There are lots of books and web sites that will help you choose the right colours for example darker people can wear louder colours whereas paler skins often look better with more subtle colours. If you can afford have a professional do your colour palette. Your local college might run a course or get a group of friends together and share some of the cost. The investment will pay for itself in time because things in your wardrobe match up better and you’re less prone to making expensive mistakes.
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    Body shape. Clothes can either flatter your shape or draw attention to your flaws. Some body shapes look good in flowing garments, while others look good in fitted or tailored garments. Again a professional opinion is the best. Some shops offer free personal shopper services for a minimum purchase. Ask the store if the staff are trained to give advice on body shape. The shape of your face is also important in deciding the type of neckline or collar to wear. Again there are books and web articles on the subject.
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    Quality. Shop for quality, fewer quality items are better than a wardrobe stuffed with tops that are falling apart at the seams, faded or quickly lose their shape. Think about which is best spending £40 on a top that will be good for 40 wears or £8 on a top that starts coming apart after 3 washes.
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    You’ll feel better in quality clothes. People sense you’re wearing good clothing, and treat you better - try it see what happens.
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    Dress appropriately . It’s obvious that a tailored suit is great for work but there are subtler ways you can dress inappropriately. You won’t be taken too seriously in yellow and navy blue on a first date will give the impression you’re not interested in having any fun. (No I don’t mean the physical kind). Likewise showing too much skin on a first date may mean you do want to have fun of the physical kind.
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    Fashion. Like it or not people treat you differently if you’re dressed fashionably, not catwalk stuff but just reflections of the current trends. Think about the first impressions you have someone. Note it down and then look at the clothes they are wearing.
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    Last but not least experiment, if you’re short of cash try second hand shops or clothes swap with friends. Dressing can be a lot of fun and a great way of expressing yourself. You never know the next great outfit could change your life for the better.

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