How to Dress Like Scarlet from "Ghostgirl"

You might have read that uber-goth book, Ghostgirl, and been inspired by Scarlet, the vivacious, outspoken outcast with the killer (literally!) wardrobe.


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    Wear T-shirts with obscure band names on them. No I do not mean brand, I mean music bands. Scarlet has shirts with underground bands on them like Deathcab for Cutie, The Killers, and All Time Low. A good place to get these cheaply are online or thrift stores, but if you're willing to shell out some cash, you can go to the concerts as well.
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    Buy brilliantly colored camisoles (maroon, dark purple, dark blue with yellow stripes, whatever you want). They are cute and interesting and make your T-shirts from being obscene. you might also want to wear them just in case you spontaneously decide to go swimming with a hot popular senior ;).
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    Dress primarily in black; black miniskirts, black fishnet tights, black (fitted) sweaters, and black platform boots. Remember the only color you wear is in your cami. But don't go overboard or punk e.g. ripping your clothes and pinning them with diaper pins or imitating Pink. Remember Scarlet's outfits are a mix of burlesque and dark wave. Burlesque does not mean slutty, it means sexy and ladylike to a point. Wear lacy camisoles, tight-fitting shirts, and ruffled skirts.
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    Rings esp. cocktail rings are a must! Make them glittery and loud. Also wear crosses and intricate necklaces around your neck (a fairy pendant gold chain or an unusually braided silver necklace with a cross).
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    Always wear bright red matte lipstick, it is Scarlet's signature makeup. If you want to wear foundation, choose the pale kind since the book mentions that Scarlet is naturally pale. A little bit of eyeshadow is okay, but don't go overboard you are not trying to be Bozo the clown.
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    Cut your hair in a sharp, pitch black bob (standing out against your pale skin like Scarlet's) or get a wig.


  • If you want to dress like Scarlet you might want to act like her too. Act like a porcupine, sharp and pointy on the outside, but soft and shy on the inside.
  • You can get any of the above mentioned items at cheap stores like Target, wet Seal, Forever 21, and Hot Topic or KarmaLoop.


  • Don't overdo the black trust me it'll make you seem more goth or emo.
  • Please don't change your personality overnight you will seem like a poseur.

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