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Nicki Minaj is not only a brilliant artist, she's a style icon. Wearing anything from candy-colored Harakuku wigs to slangy streetwear, Minaj is a fashion chameleon who always steals the show. She prefers form-fitting clothing and designer fashion, but no matter what she wears, she looks both dignified and outrageous. To dress like Nicki Minaj, make brave, hilarious, and creative wardrobe choices.

Part 1
Picking the Right Pieces

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    Start with a base layer of bright underwear. Choose a pushup bra and pair of panties that can be worn under tight clothing. Depending on what you wear, you can show the bra or hide it. Minaj sometimes shows off a beautiful bra under vest or low-cut dress.
    • Wear a bra that fits or is a size too small. Wear a bra that fits if you aren't going to show a lot of cleavage. Get fitted at a department store: most women wear the wrong size.[1]
    • If you'd like to pop a lot of cleavage, wear a cup size small. Get the right size band, however, or the line of your back will be wavy.
    • If you're wearing super tight clothing, you may not be able to wear underwear without having visible panty line issues. Wear leggings or tights instead.
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    Wiggle into a bodycon dress. Bodycon, or “bandage” dresses are tight and elastic, made to hug curves and enhance cleavage. Minaj often wears long or short bodycon dresses with cutouts over the cleavage or at her ribcage. Bodycon dresses must be tight and move with your body, but they don't have to show every wrinkle. Go with a sturdy but stretchy fabric if you want to hide your bra line.
    • Mix it up with babydoll skirts and goddess drapery. A Minaj-inspired dress must squeeze (bodycon), drape (goddess), echo (with prints, corsets, and sculptural dress-jewelry), or reveal (with transparencies or cut-outs) your curves.
    • Minaj always defines her waist. If you wear a dress that drapes, make sure the fabric changes directions at your waist, for a figure-eight effect. If you get a babydoll dress, make sure the skirt drops off at the waist. Empire waists are a no-go.
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    Find some fashion-forward high heels. Minaj usually wears four to eight inch heels or platforms. Shoes are a great place to make your statement: try wearing cut-out or gladiator sandals, colorful fringe, or shocks of fur. Doc Martens in bright colors, thigh-high boots, and bondage-strappy boots are also excellent options.
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    Accessorize like crazy. During the day, drag a big gorgeous bag around: choose leather, or colorful fur. A Hajaraku or punk-inspired clutch with studs or cartoon details is good for a night out.
    • Wear a hat, a wig, or both. As part of her Kmart collection, Minaj has designed military-style hats adorned with gold chains and studs. Find a hat at a thrift store and decorate it yourself.
    • Minaj goes big with colorful wigs. Pick a blonde poof or a straight candy-colored cut with bangs.
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    Wear a lot of jewelry. Minaj looks wonderful in chains, pendants, bangles and dangling earrings. You can favor fashions from the 1980s with enamel and gold highlights. Don’t be afraid to wear all these items at once.
    • Get minimal with cuffs. Minaj's minimal looks feature plain metal cuffs, at the wrist or on her upper arms. Go for all gold or all silver, and pair with a long dark sleeveless dress.

Part 2
Shopping Like Minaj

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    Buy clothes designed by Minaj. Nicki Minaj designed a line for Kmart that included patterned legging and shirt sets, bodycon dresses and deconstructed denim. Many of these feature animal prints and patterns worn head to toe.[2]
    • You can purchase each piece for $12 to $50, making it one of your least expensive options.
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    Go cheap. Try H&M or Forever 21 if you want to collect stylish separates that are similar to her designer threads. You can pick up classic Minaj-outfit pieces like patterned leggings, distressed high-waisted jeans (and matching denim jackets), and short fluorescent skirts.
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    Try for glamorous shoes at a discount. You can shop new styles by Fergie and Jessica Simpson. Try shoe warehouses, like DSW, to find designer heels at discount prices. If your foot size is unusual, a search through an upscale thrift store or the sales section of a designer website can turn up treasures.
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    Buy couture. If you have the cash, you can shop the same brands as Nicki Minaj. Minaj wears a lot of Givenchy. She's expressed love for Donatella Versace, Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, and Alexander Wang, and she's worn exciting younger designers like Manish Arora and Onch Movement.[3] The brand she raps about the most is Louis Vuitton, but that might be because it’s fun to say.[4] If you can afford it, go for Louis Vuitton luggage and bags.
    • For the monster look, buy Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.[5]
    • Minaj has also been spotted wearing Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and a lot of Christian Louboutin.

Part 3
Styling Hair and Makeup

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    Bleach your hair. Minaj has worn long, cropped and mid-length styles in blond for several years. It allows her to dye her hair bright colors more easily. Minaj uses oil to keep her hair hydrated, as bleach can really take the life out of hair. Talk to your stylist about the best bleaching approach for your hair.
    • Use coconut oil during bleaching, and treat your hair regularly with it to maintain vitality.
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    Dye your hair a bright color. If you have blond, long or cropped hair, consider dying it fluorescent pink, green or several colors at once. Semi-permanent dyes may allow you to change it frequently, just like the rap-star does.
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    Cut straight bangs. The cut should been extremely straight, with the sides at 90 degree angles to the fringe. If you can’t pull off this look, buy a cropped bright-colored wig to create a more convincing look.
    • If you don’t want bangs, wear your hair long and part it in the center.
    • Keep it straight most of the time. Although she occasionally has worn wavy hair, Minaj is usually seen with stick straight hair.
    • Wear your hair in pigtails. You can achieve a Harajaku schoolgirl look with this style.
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    Get big-eyed. Purchase fake lashes. You can find them at large makeup stores like Sephora and Ulta, or at costume shops. Wear heavy cat eye makeup. Use a black liquid eyeliner. Start near the inside of your top lid and draw a line that extends outside your eye line.
    • Fill in your lids with bright blue, aqua or green eye shadow.
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    Wear a bright pink blush and lipstick. Minaj says she can't be without pink lipstick, pink blush, and black mascara.[6] If you are wearing your Minaj outfit during the day, you can also pick a nude color.

Part 4
Styling Like Minaj

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    Switch it up. Change your look constantly. Minaj is like David Bowie: she can't be boxed in. Her look changes as soon as you think you have it down. As long as your clothing is tight and majestic, you can mix it up as much as you want.
    • Follow your taste until you discover a new look. Minaj has a cast of characters she raps as and represents in her clothing, but she doesn't dress up "as" them. Instead, she dresses until a character emerges. Play around with different styles until you feel a look developing, then fine tune it.[7]
    • For instance, if you notice yourself gravitating towards ruffles and pinks, go superfemme and add a pink wig and a bonnet.
    • If you see yourself frequently reaching for sleek metallic clothes, go full Cleopatra, with dark eye makeup and large golden jewelry.
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    Get inspired by your source's sources. Minaj's style icons are Grace Jones, Cyndi Lauper, Naomi Campbell, Marilyn Monroe, and Iman. Explore images of them to find looks you can copy.[8] Try combining styles: put Cyndi Lauper's fearless use of color with Grace Jones' bold command of silhouette.
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    Break the dress code. Anything you wouldn't be allowed to wear in high school is probably the right cut for a Nicki Minaj look. Wear bodysuits, belly-baring crop tops, bras instead of shirts, and leggings instead of pants. If your outfit is not easy to wear—if you have to adjust often, walk strategically, catch your balance, or glue something in place, you're on the right track.

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