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Nathan Drake is an action hero from the Uncharted series. He is a well known icon of PlayStation. But have you ever wanted to dress like him but didn't know how? Look no further, for this article will explain how to dress like Nathan Drake.


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    Know that all of Nate's outfits have several common aspects. Before you pick a specific outfit, you must have each of the following items:
    • Belt Buckle---Nate always has a big belt buckle, the symbol on the buckle varies between each game. In Uncharted one, there was a skull and crossbones, Uncharted 2 had a shell pattern, and Uncharted 3 had a horseshoe design. Getting the specific belt buckle from any of the games is difficult, however and expensive, so it's best to use a similar one. There is a replica buckle from Uncharted 3, but this might be hard to find.
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    • Nate's Ring Necklace---Nate never goes anywhere without the ring of his ancestor Sir Francis Drake. There are several replicas online from places like Shapeways or Etsy. These usually don't come with cords though, so you'll need to buy some leather cord to tie around the ring. The prices range depending on the seller. Also, an official ring from the third game can be found on places like eBay. However, the official one is of poor quality and is quite expensive, with the prices rising constantly. You can also buy a plain steel ring and some leather cord.
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    • Shoes---Nate's shoes aren't usually the focus. But if you want to be one-hundred percent accurate, you'll need to to buy brown walking shoes. However, as these are quite costly, so a dark pair of sneakers/trainers will do fine.
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    • Gun holster---Nathan Drake is always seen with his brown shoulder gun holster and 45 Defender. Make sure to get an obviously fake pistol to avoid panicking people. Fake guns and a holster should be available on costume shops and various places online.
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    • Watch---Nathan Drake wears a circular, leather watch with a brown leather cuff underneath.
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    Pick which outfit you want to wear. Nate wears different outfits in each game; his clothing choice depends on the climate or the situation. E.g. He wears lighter clothing in the desert than he would wear in Nepal. These are some of his outfits you can choose from:
    • Standard Outfit---Nate is usually seen in jeans and a plain, long-sleeved t-shirt. Any blue jeans will do. Ripped ones can even add to the effect. For the shirt, pick either a long white sleeve shirt, or a brown long sleeve shirt with a white undershirt. An olive henley shirt is another variant of this outfit.
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    • Desert Outfit---In Uncharted 3, Nate visits the Rhub Al Khali, one of the biggest deserts in the world. Nate wears a white henley shirt (Polo shirt without a collar) and beige cargo trousers instead of his standard jeans. Nate also wears a middle eastern desert scarf AKA Shemagh. Henley shirts can be found in several retailers, but if for some reason you can't find one, a regular white shirt will do. For the shemagh, make sure to get a blue and white one and to wear it around your neck. Shemaghs are fairly easy to find online for a reasonable price.
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    • Stealth Outfit---In Uncharted 2, Nate pulls off a heist at a museum in Turkey. For this outfit, you need a black shirt, black carpenter jeans, black sneakers, a headset, and a pair of black gloves. These clothing items should be available at most retailers.
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    • Nepal--The Nepal outfit is Nate's standard outfit with a brown coat.
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    • Teenage Nate---In Uncharted 3, you get to play as fourteen year old Nate for a short stint. For this outfit, you'll need a red and white baseball shirt, blue jeans, a pair of black high top sneakers, a metal analogue watch, and a brown satchel. Teen Nate wears an analogue watch on his belt. You'll also need shaggy hair.
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    • Uncharted 4 outfits---As of Uncharted 4, Nate has some new outfits, the newest common element is the rope and grappling hook. These include:
      • Scotland Drake---Nate wears a green/brown military jacket over a dark blue jumper and has blue jeans.
      • Africa Drake---Nate wears a dark blue henley shirt with brown chinos.
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    Grow out your stubble. When Nate's on a quest for adventure, he doesn't always have time to shave. Don't shave for a few days, a week if possible.
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    Style your hair like Nate. Nate's hair is fairly short with a spiked up fringe. To achieve this style, you'll need fairly short hair, your preferred styling product (Gel, Wax, etc), and a comb. When you've put the product into your hair, comb your fringe upwards and the rest of your hair forwards.


  • Most items won't be one-hundred percent game accurate, so it's usually easier to settle for a similar (close enough) item.
  • You can make your clothes look dirty and worn if you'd like.


  • Avoid the gun holster if you live in a country that is touchy about firearms and other weapons.

Things You'll Need

  • Blue Jeans
  • White long sleeved shirt
  • Brown long sleeved shirt
  • White Henley shirt
  • Olive Henley shirt
  • Red and white baseball shirt
  • Beige Cargo Pants
  • Black shirt
  • Black Carpenter Jeans
  • Black gloves
  • Headset
  • Big belt buckle
  • Black sneakers or brown walking shows
  • Black high tops
  • Ring and leather cord necklace
  • Blue and white shemagh
  • Gun holster
  • Fake pistol
  • Watch and leather cuff
  • Metal watch
  • Brown Satchel
  • Hair styling product
  • Comb
  • Brown jacket
  • Green/brown Army Jacket
  • Dark blue henley
  • Brown chinos
  • Grappling hook and rope.

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