How to Dress Indie Grunge Like

If you're going for the artsy, environmentalist, Christofer Drew, Kurt Cobain, Brandon Urie, Keith Morris kind of look, you've come to the right place.


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    Incorporate influences from both styles (Grunge + Hippie = Indie) into your new look. Google grunge, then Google hippie to get some general, basic ideas to base your image off of. While you're at it, you might want to look up people like Florence Welch, Kurt Cobain, Brendon Urie, Christofer Drew, and Death Cab For Cutie, to get ideas for what type of apparel you should be aiming for.
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    Get a pair of skinny jeans. Most indie kids nowadays wear skinny jeans. Avoid the obnoxious bright neon ones, and stick to "classic" light/dark blue ones, dark/light grey, and black jeans. If you're a girl, or comfortable enough in whatever gender you are, you can get simple ruffled/floral printed skirts too. If you're unsure what to look for, just google indie girls.
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    Shop vintage. Look for older or older styled clothes. Raid your parents' closets, go to your local thrift store (you can find TONS of great things there), do whatever you can to shop vintage. Buy some of the things from Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, and Forever21. Avoid most "clubbish" or otherwise bright and neon clothes. Stick to dulled or darker (don't look goth or emo though, think kind of like what they were in Harry Potter and Twilight) clothes. Look online also for websites.
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    Get the right tops.
    • Tops for guys- vintage band shirts (the Ramones, Nirvana, etc), plaid button ups (open or closed), sweaters, ugly sweaters (like the old kind of vintage ones? If you're unsure, google Christofer Drew sweaters), Henleys, vests, graphic tees (don't get the ones like "average Saturday: video games, video games, video games!" those are annoying, instead try a site like, and get the more artsy shirts), plain shirts like simple striped tee shirts, v-necks, (H&M sells good v-necks but you can try American Apparel for more low cut, sheer v-necks), solid color hoodies (try colors like midnight blue, black, and grey, nothing like purple, etc) cardigans, and pea coats.
    • Tops for girls- pretty much the same idea, except you can get a little more feminine, flannel, floral tops, etc. Like I said pretty much the same idea as guys.
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    Accessorize with scarves. You're going to need a lot of these, avoid band scarves though, or like the cheap ones with glitter stitched into them. Instead shop for the bohemian kind of "Russian old woman" scarves, I know the Feugo in my mall has them, and the Value Village near my house has TONS. Also infinity scarves, muffler scarves, and simple plain colored scarves work too. Bracelets- you're going to want to pile on the bracelets, but don't go for cheap beaded "ravver" bracelets, you'll look like a scene whore. Instead go for the "St.'s bracelets", (even if you're not religious, you can always peel the stickers off), arrow-head friendship bracelets, peace sign bracelets, etc. It should come about midway up your forearm. Google "Christofer Drew" or "Christofer Drew bracelets" for more ideas on that.
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    Grow your hair. You're going to want it to grow longer, if you're a guy or a girl. For guys, don't straighten it TOO excessively, or you'll look scene. Wash and condition it daily, then add some volume product, blow dry it straight, then kind of mess it up on the top. It takes a lot of experimentation, but it kind of ends up looking like Christofer Drew's hair. You could also just go natural. It saves a lot of time if you like your natural hair, but grow it out to about shoulder length. For girls you have a bit more options. You could go natural, curl it (then comb through the curls so it's not so stiff) buy a crimper and crimp it.
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    Get some hats. Crazy fun hats (like were wolf hats, sailor hats, cowboy hats, sombrero hats, army helmets, etc.) are a good option also. You can get a lot of those on ebay too. Indian headdress are also pretty fun if your going to a show or something. However, avoid bright neon.
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    Follow bands. Try to listen to these types of music:
    • Anti-folk:
      • Florence + The Machine, King Missile, Peggy Sue, Supercute!, Hop Along, Plain White T's, AJJ, Nevershoutnever, Musemath.
    • Punk:
      • Panic! At The Disco, Green Day, Pierce The Veil, blink-182, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Bad Brains, NOFX, Rise Against, Nirvana, Less Than Jake, Sex Pistols, Talking Heads, Imogen Heap.
    • Grunge:
      • Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, L7, Foo Fighters, Silver Chair, Bush, Tad, Mayday Parade, Hole, Sonic Youth, Local H.
    • Indie:
      • Modest Mouse, Arctic Monkeys, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, Bright Eyes, Wilco, Blur, Oasis, MGMT, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Kills, Superchic[k].
    • Folk:
      • Fleet Foxes, Pentangle, Beirut, Bellowhead, Faun, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Transads, Malinky.
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    Avoid the following genres that could be indie, but aren't punk or grungy enough for most indie grunge people to listen to:
    • Mainstream Rock Bands:
      • The Who, Radiohead, Queen, U2, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Boston, Badfinger, 10cc, Lordi, White Lion, DMBQ.
    • Screamo:
      • A Day To Remember, Silverstein, Underoath, Pg. 99, Blessthefall, Saetia, Alexisonfire, Circle Takes The Square.
    • Indie Pop:
      • Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, Blondie, Paramore, Simple Plan, Echosmith, All-American Rejects, twenty øne piløts, The Verve, Fun., Snow Patrol, Neon Trees.
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    Get some shoes like Vans, Converse, air walks, moccasins, plain boots (no spikes or anything) flip flops, simple high heels, and pumps. Go shoeless whenever you can though. And avoid obnoxious bright, checker pattern, or "ed Hurley" style shoes.
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    Try to be retro and vintage over all.


  • Don't call your self "indie" or do those stupid fake edits to your pictures to have peace signs everywhere. It's okay to throw up a peace sign with your fingers in a few pictures, but don't be fake.
  • Bandannas are good too, but avoid the gangster kind.
  • Jeans can have holes in them or not. You can also make your own holes by folding each leg hot-dog style and making a small slit in the knee(s). Once you're done, put the jeans on and tug at the hole until it reaches desired size.
  • Jean jackets with the sleeve folded to mid forearm, and track jackets are good too.
  • Being a vegetarian/vegan and an environmentalist helps your image too.
  • Warpaint is good for any indie look too, two diagonal stripes on your cheek(s), a bright colored stripe down the bridge or your nose, a hand print over one eye, a bright horizontal strip over the bridge of your nose from temple to temple, a smaller V inside a larger V on your forehead, etc. Think Indian or avatar.
  • Pick up an instrument such as a guitar, ukulele, or anything else you fancy.
  • If you want a more stoner, MGMT look, shop for geometric patterned vests. You might want to follow Andrew Vanwyngarden's style until you develop an independent look of your own. Head scarves are good too.
  • The whole point of grunge is to rebel and be yourself. You don't have to fit a specific cookie cutter style/personality to be grunge, just be yourself.


  • Don't slash anything in your bio's like Grunge/Emo Emo/Scene. Not cool.
  • Avoid all of those hello kitty/invader zim plastic beads that cheap scene girls/guys wear; they look like unoriginal wannabes.
  • Don't tell people that your grunge because you will sound like a wannabe.
  • Don't dye your hair bright colors, keep it natural

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