How to Dress for Krav Maga

Three Methods:Dressing for Krav Maga in GeneralDressing for Krav Maga as a ManDressing for Krav Maga as a Woman

An important aspect to Preparing for Krave Maga, is to choose your clothing wisely by focusing on function over form. The only real constant to consider is that many training centers require a shirt that says something about Krav Maga be worn in every class.

Method 1
Dressing for Krav Maga in General

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    Realize that not only will you be touching other people, but they will be touching you. You don't want to be the stinky guy/gal that is covered in slimy sweat. For this reason, you may need to bring extra clothing with you - especially if you are going to train multiple hours in a row.
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    Prepare to sweat a lot. You need clothing that works for this:
    • Shirts: Sweat wicking/fast drying clothes are great. Generally, a cotton shirt is fine for about an hour of training. After that it is too wet and gross to keep wearing.
    • Supplemental Wiping: Bring a towel to wipe off arms/neck/face, wipe down gear between rounds, or to wipe up a "sweat angel" on the ground.
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    Minimize bare skin if you're doing ground fighting. Keep these things in mind to maximize your comfort: mat burn is no fun. Any bare skin that is in contact with the mats for a prolonged period (about an hour) will develop a blister, which will eventually break. If you train frequently, have these clothing items with you at all times. If you are trying a class, wear these on your trial day:
    • A long sleeved shirt, or a rashguard sleeve (also called a "shoot sleeve"). Do not wear a tank top unless you have at least a t-shirt to put on over it and a rashguard. This will protect your elbows and shoulders.
    • Long pants, or knee wraps of some type. Anything that covers your knees will work.
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    Have good, comfortable footwear. Look for lightweight, flexible, shoes with decent tread.
    • Common shoe types are running shoes, wrestling shoes or some sort of lightweight cross-trainer.
    • Barefoot - You can sustain injury to your toes that would otherwise be avoided if you go barefoot, so it may be best to avoid this.

Method 2
Dressing for Krav Maga as a Man

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    Pick your underwear and athletic cup. You do not want to forget a cup. Krav Maga focuses on groin strikes, and while a cup will not offer perfect protection, it is far better to have one than nothing at all.
    • Compression shorts are wonderful. Some come with a pocket in the front to hold a cup, and those are very convenient, but about three times more expensive than compression shorts without a cup pocket.
    • A jockstrap and a cup is a cheaper way to go about this, but some people find them bothersome to keep clean.
    • External jockstrap/cup - this goes outside your shorts/pants and is easy to wear, keep clean and is fairly cheap. The downside is that it is hard to "keep all your furniture in one room". If you don't have everything inside of the cup and you sustain a hit - you get some pinching, and that can be almost worse than not having a cup at all.

Method 3
Dressing for Krav Maga as a Woman

  1. 1
    Make your top half comfortable. Being well endowed can provide some challenges. If the "girls" are large and tend to bounce around (or get hit inadvertently), this can be very uncomfortable and some women find this to be embarrassing. Some things that people claim help with this are as follows:
    • Wear multiple bras to put the girls on lock-down. One woman who is a 33 DD wears two bras, a tight tank top and a shirt to keep them in place.
    • Wear a bra that is one size too small. A different woman that is a 32 D swears this works like a charm, though it is hard for her to get in and out of the bra, and is a bit uncomfortable due to it being tight.
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    Consider yoga pants. Yoga pants work great to protect knees, and they do a good job of wicking sweat.


  • Cotton shirts become "sweat activated", where no matter how well they are washed, the moment a drop of liquid touches them they reek of sweat. These will need to be replaced.

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