How to Dress for a Scottish Wedding

Whether you are celebrating your heritage or helping with a wedding that requires a flair for the dramatic, knowing how to dress for a Scottish wedding is imperative for those wanting to pull off the look for their big day. From the men's highland dress to horseshoes and more, there is a wide variety of elements that you can work into a Scottish wedding.


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    Know what attire to wear for the Scottish groom and groomsmen.
    • Go for the wedding kilt with the tartan (fabric pattern) of your choice. Purple ones are common for weddings, and you can have your choice of district, clan, Cornish, Welsh or Irish tartans.
    • Know the difference in the types of tartans. Ancient tartans are soft and/or lighter colors. Modern tartans tend to be darker colors and are more plain in design. Hunting tartans tend to have a lot of green in them. Dress tartans have a lot of white through them, and weathered tartans, which are also referred to as muted, are a faded or washed out version of any of the previously noted tartans.
    • You can choose to dress your groomsmen exactly the same, but you might choose a different kilt style or tartan for yourself to stand out from the group.
    • Figure out which clan you might belong to. This can help you choose your tartan.
    • If you cannot find your clan tartan, you can choose a district tartan that both compliments your skin tone and hair color and/or will photograph nicely.
    • Most men pair their kilts with a Prince Charlie jacket and vest. Black is a popular color, but you might also consider going with a major color from your kilt.
    • Accessories for the kilt can include the sporran, the sgian dubh, your kilt pin, and/or your buckle.
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    Learn about traditional dress for brides and bridesmaids in Scotland.
    • While there is no set rules for your wedding dress, try to dress to the context of your venue location. Don't, for example, choose an over-the-top, flowing gown for a ceremony site that is understated and modern. On the other hand, you probably won't go with a chic, contemporary dress in a castle that is hundreds of years old either.
    • Scottish custom is moving away from the bride paying for identical dresses for her bridesmaids to the bridesmaids each covering her own costs.
    • A Scottish wedding horseshoe charm is the perfect token of good luck for a bride to wear or carry.
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    Find out how to dress the bride's mother or groom's mother.
    • Make sure that the mother of the bride's dress, and mother of the groom's dress for that matter, too, compliment the bride's choice of ensemble. It should not compete or clash with her dress or each other's.
    • Mothers of the bride and groom can also consider this an occasion to don a hat as well. Make sure that the milliner provides advice as far as color, style and what will fit your face style.
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    Know that the father of the bride and father of the groom should consider wearing the kilt with a tartan as dictated by the family.


  • Avoid extremely busy tartans if you want better looking wedding photographs.

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