How to Dress for a Heavy Metal Show

Want to know what's cool to wear to a heavy metal concert? You probably want to look cool for the event, but also be comfortable, so you are in the right place. Hopefully after reading this you'll have some inspiration for shaping your metal look. This is mostly for girls but could also work for guys too.


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    Decide what matters more, your outfit or just having fun. Maybe you want to wear tennis shoes, but it would be cooler but not as comfy to wear your black military boots. Once you decide this, you can start putting together your outfit.
    • Do you seriously want to stay out of mosh pits and headbanging to keep your hair and makeup perfect? You would be missing on some of the fun!
    • Remember, you're at a metal show, everyone there is like you and will treat you with respect no matter how good or bad you look.
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    Choose your pants. Torn up jeans, black skinny jeans, or of course leather (although you might get hot), spikes, all of this can be a part of your ensemble. It's all about being unique and rebellious (because seriously, we unfortunately live in a world where metal isn't in style or really "popular", so nobody awesome enough to be a Metalhead does anything to fit in).
    • Cargo/camo pants are a great option, since you can put stuff in all the pockets without being worried of losing anything.
    • You can have bandanas, chains, or skull necklaces hanging out of your pockets to accessorize your pants.
    • Then again, you can also just be simple and do normal jeans, tear 'em up, or just leave them as they are.
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    Choose your shirt. For shirts, there are a lot of different things that you can do. You can wear black T-shirts with band names, tear the sleeves off and make them sleeveless, or you can even be crafty and buy normal black T-shirts and sew on patches, pins, spikes, studs, and band names onto them.
    • For a guy, there is always the option of going shirtless. For girls, tank tops, T-shirts with band names that are cut off just above your belly look pretty good and metal.
    • It really doesn't matter if you're making a fashion statement, you're doing that already just by being yourself, so you don't have to spend 2 hours getting ready and deciding what to wear.
    • For a final touch, have a leather, denim jacket, or hoodie on top.
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    Choose your shoes. This is probably the most important part of your attire. You are going to be standing, jumping and dancing a lot, so the best thing is to be comfortable. If you're a girl, you want to stay away from heels.
    • You can do combat boots, motorcycle boots, sneakers, skate shoes, leather boots, and if it's outdoors you can even have sandals or flip-flops.
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    Choose your hairstyle. With hair there are even more possibilities!
    • You can do it long and wavy, long and straight, messy, curly, greasy, mohawk, spikes, bangs, it could be short, buzzcut, or just bald! It's really up to you and there's no limit!
    • How about some color? Red, black, blue, brown, even maybe metallic-y silver. If you don't want to commit to the hair color for a long time, you can use a temporary dye.
    • Don't be too worried about the style, since it will probably get messed up really soon with all the head banging.
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    Choose your accessories. Wristbands, pins, belt, necklaces, maybe painting your nails, there are a lot of options to choose from. Be creative.


  • Don't take any knives or other weapons with you, they will likely be confiscated by security. Also, be careful with spikey wristbands too, they could be seen as weapons.
  • Remember to be yourself, be confident in your own skin and own your attire. Have fun!

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