How to Dress Fashionably When You’re Pregnant

Pregnancy is no longer considered a time in a woman’s life when she has to wear baggy clothes. Many celebrities have made it fashionable to proudly show their growing stomachs, and the general public is following suit. The number of clothing outlets selling maternity clothes is another growing trend, as many popular retailers have launched maternity clothing lines. So head to your favorite retailers that carry maternity clothes, and you might find it’s easy to put together some fashionable outfits that maintain your sense of style.


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    Invest in one or more pairs of maternity jeans that have adjustable waistbands. Jeans with a bootleg are both flattering and stylish. For pregnancies in the summer, a pair of cargo pants is another option that may be more appropriate in some climates.
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    Stay cool with plenty of shorts, capri pants and short-sleeved tops. Especially in the later months of your pregnancy, you may feel hotter than you normally do, so it’s better to buy cool clothes and layer them with fashionable sweaters or jackets.
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    Spend more on maternity basics that you can wear every day. Gone are the days when maternity clothes had wild polka dots and other patterns meant to camouflage a woman’s growing figure. If you normally wear solids, then you should stick to your personal style. However, if you are someone who loves floral patterns, pair some bold-print tunics with leggings.
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    Embrace spandex tops. You don’t have to shy away from form-fitting T-shirts and tops, but make sure they are plenty long enough if you don’t want your growing stomach to hang out the bottom. Choose tops with interesting necklines or other detailing that maintains your sense of style.
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    Opt for skirts made of stretchy materials that hug your curves. Choose a basic color that you can mix and match with several tops or is professional enough to wear to work with a blazer.
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    Try on dresses with empire waists or in wrap-around styles. Both of these are flattering options that don’t leave you looking shapeless. Furthermore, you might even be able to keep wearing these dresses after the baby is born.
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    Lose the image of “barefoot and pregnant” by adding style to an outfit with trendy shoes. If you are feeling slightly off balance towards the end of your pregnancy, stick with flats instead of heels. An open design will keep your feet cool in summer and allow for some normal pregnancy swelling. Since some women find their feet are permanently larger after pregnancy, don’t overspend on shoes early in the pregnancy.
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    Embellish your outfit with accessories. Chunky necklaces and bracelets or a big bag (that might double as a trendy diaper bag) can really make a fashion statement, and they are things you can continue to wear post-pregnancy.


  • If you are worried about the cost of fashionable maternity clothes, selling them on an online auction or at a consignment shop are ways to recoup some of the money you spent.
  • Expect to continue wearing maternity clothes for at least a few weeks after having the baby. Most new moms do not shrink down to their pre-pregnancy size overnight.


  • Don’t feel like you have to dress in dreary black to look smaller. Let your wardrobe mirror this happy time in your life with colors that accentuate the glow of your skin.
  • Don’t buy too many maternity clothes when you first start to show. Even if you are excited about the prospect of buying maternity clothes, wear your normal clothes as long as possible to save money and avoid the problem of clothes not fitting by the end of the pregnancy.

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