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A lot of the Emo culture's fashion includes warm clothing, such as jeans and long shirts, or many thick layers. However, one can only hold up a certain style through a certain amount of seasons. Wearing tight jeans, lots of hair to the beach or walking around in a dark hoodie drenched in sweat is impractical - bordering on ridiculous. Having a personally defined style is important, but so is learning how to maintain it through all kinds of weather. If you're into the Emo fashion but can't figure out how to carry it off in the boiling heat, then sweat no more...


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    Figure out your bottoms. Skinny jeans or tight jeans may be popular but they cling to your body and can make you incredibly hot. Like it or not, you're going to have to invest in something lighter and more practical. Girls have it easier; you can try dresses or skirts. Try dark colored dresses with prints you like, and you can wear quarter sleeve or T-shirts underneath. A dark skirt that suits your taste works well in the heat. If you are going to wear a skirt or dress try wearing tights underneath, like red, black, gray and especially striped ones. Guys, try investing in some skater punk shorts and reworking them. Dark colors like black or dark blue work well, as well as checks. Make sure the shorts aren't too tight or too short - knee length, with enough space to walk in, are good. Shorts also work fine for girls, though the style will of course vary from guys. You can go for mini shorts in darker colors, or if you aren't as comfortable, knee length in checks, prints or dark colors.
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    Sort out your shirts. A simple stock of your favorite band shirts will get you through your everyday wear but try playing it up. Dresses will work well for girls; you can wear shorts underneath and shirts as well. Guys can stick with simple T's. If it's not incredibly hot, you can go with a three quarter sleeve shirt - a tight shirt that reaches your elbows. You can wear normal shorts if you're a boy. If you like, you can try denim shorts. If you're female, try mini-jeans. If you're a boy, avoid mini-jeans and try simply shorts. You can still wear a studded belt though. If you wear pants, it's alright if you want to wear jeans that aren't tight or even skinny. You can try thin-layered jeans.
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    Dress in layers. Cheat the sun by dressing in many layers, so you can quickly pile on your favorite hoodie when it gets too cold. Try this:
    • Band T/simple T shirt/dress
    • Shorts/skirt
    • Zip up hoodie (these are easy to take on and off)
    • You can also wear a long shirt under your T-shirt.
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    Accessorize. Try your regular studded belt, wristbands, piercings and other jewelery to maintain your own style. Summer is also a great time to show off any tattoos which are usually hidden under heavy clothes.
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    Get proper footwear. Avoid the flip flops and complete your outfit with some personal footwear. Converse work well with pretty much anything and are particularly good with dresses and skirts. Basically your regular footwear should be fine, though try to make sure it is suitable for your summer clothes and won't make your feet feel trapped and too hot.
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    If your hair makes you sweat, try cutting it a little shorter than usual. Then you won't sweat as much.


  • Remember to apply sun screen, especially if you like looking pale and don't want to end up with a sun-kissed look. Even if you don't mind a natural tan, the skin damage isn't worth it.
  • Wear bright colors. Emo kids can wear bright colors as much as they want. Dark colors naturally absorb more sun, so if you're going out clad in a lot of black, then prepare to be hotter than other people. When wearing dark clothing, try to make sure it doesn't cling to your body too much - and if it does, make sure that at least the material is light.
  • If you're finding maintaining your own look during the hot months difficult, try playing up your hair more, taking the attention away from your clothes. This also works with accessories.
  • Don't cut your hair so short that you'll regret it when fall comes. Instead, tie up the lower layer of your hair or don't wear extensions.
  • Drinking water will ensure you don't end up getting dehydrated.
  • If you wear a lot of accessories, you can maintain your look more easily rather than having to revamp your entire wardrobe.
  • Don't waste your whole summer trying to look Emo. Remember that your friends and family know who you really are and although your presentation is important, it shouldn't mean endless frustrating hours in front of the mirror. Don't let your fashion keep you back from swimming at the pool, spending time in the sun and letting your hair down. Remember that although fashion is part of the Emo subculture, it all generated from music; it's more than skin deep.


  • Wearing tight clothing that overheats your body can lead to heat rashes, other skin conditions and problems. If you feel too hot or uncomfortable, be sensible and change.

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