How to Dress Effectively

Dressing effectively depends entirely on the situation one is dressing for, and should not be confused with how to get dressed effectively. Always ensure your clothing is effective for its practical purpose before following these steps, intended to guide you in dressing to give an impression.


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    Accept Yourself: You need to accept your flaws with your good points, only then can you camouflage your flaws and highlight your strong points. For example: if you have a great shoulders but a bottom that you prefer to play down, you can highlight your beautiful shoulders by wearing strappy tops or off the shoulder items and cover your bottom with shaping underwear and a loose skirt.
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    Use the magic of color. Color plays a very important role in reflecting your personality. Warm and bright hues may make you look wider; dark colour can make you appear leaner. This does not matter as long as you are wearing a shade that lends color to your face and the tone of your skin. Pastel colours, saffron, and mauve are some colors to consider because they suit most skin-tones.
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    Be Bold: Don't be afraid of making mistakes. Pick out things you think will suit you, be it an oversized jacket for a skinny girl, or a chiffon knee-length dress for a curvy woman. By making mistakes you'll start to understand what suits you best and what works. Playing it safe would never let you find the things that can make you beautiful.
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    Accessorize - definitely! Be it for your office meeting, or for a day out with your pals. Wear your favourite watch or a scarf with diamond studs. You can play with colours like wearing a neon/colorful necklace with your off-white vintage dress. Accessories always fit! If you can't find an item of clothing you like in a trend you want to try out, look for a bag, scarf, or piece of jewellery that fits the bill.
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    Invest in classic items. Investing in a fashion can sometimes turn out to be a fad, but you can never go wrong with the classics. Make sure that you don't over or under accessorize yourself; keep it simple. Some of the classic dresses/accessories are:
    • A pair of neutral colour trousers
    • Blue regular/straight fit jeans
    • Dark hued aviators
    • A leather/biker's jacket
    • A black t- shirt with a nice fit (not body hugging)
    • Black/brown leather handbag
    • A plain silk scarf
    • A knee length floral cotton dress
    • Brown leather belt (medium width)
    • A little black dress (not over designed)
    • Lapel coat
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    Layer it up: Wear layers of tops, spaghetti strap tops, and jackets to look more casually attractive.
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    Comfort first: Don't die for a fashionable piece. If you're not comfortable in it, you might end up sulking. Always wear what your feel physically comfortable in.


  • Don't try to be someone else.

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