How to Dress Cyber Industrial Punk

This is a helpful guide for those who love the cyber/industrial look. It's cool, funky, and technical. Hope this helps!


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    Ease into cyber punk. Like any other style: Don't rush in or people may think badly of you, and you'll look like a poser or worse, a clown. It also gives you time to sort out and think how you want your wardrobe to look and how it will all mix and match.
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    Learn as much as you can about the style, then, armed with your trusty purse go out into the shopping world. No place is safe and cyber/industrial items can be found anywhere! Try thrift stores especially, then stores such as Walmart. You can find a lot of things at Home Depot as well! If nothing works go only and shop for bargain.
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    Some ideas: Boys: Bondage pants or wide-leg pants, plaid design clothing, black band t-shirts (Rammstein or KMFDM tend to be popular in the US); military jackets; combat boots and never forget goggles. Girls: mini skirts or pencil skirts, leopard print tops, pvc clothing, platform boots (and goggles). All of these can also work for either sex, believe it or not skirts are not just for transgender people, though it thoroughly depends on who you hang out with.
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    Learn to appreciate the music. There are a few types of cyber genres known as EBM, Industrial, IDM, Bass, Rave, and Trance. A few good bands are Atari Teenage Riot, Wumpscut, Front Line Assembly, Funker VOGT, Rammstein, KMFDM, Front 242, Angelspit, Neuroticfish, Apoptygma Berzerk, God Module, Grendel, and Combichrist. (Try side projects!)
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    Try going to some clubs or events. There are definitely going to be people there dressed like you and who love the same stuff as you do. Remember, people who dress like this are just as good as people who don't. They are like you and have cool interests too. Try to find some friends with similar interests!
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    Work on your hair. You can wear wigs or dye your hair crazy colors such as orange, purple, blue, or even pink. There are extensions too for people with short hair called "hairfall." These include foam, wool, and ribbon and usually are made of synthetic dreads. Some even have goggles on their head, usually painted black, have skulls, paint splats, bio hazard symbols or one solid color on them. Some have cyberlox (hair falls made out of slinky type material), very popular, and you'll look great. They're expensive though, so if cost is an issue make your own out of hollow tubes and electrical pvc tape. Shaving hair is optional, however you may confused for a skinhead, which is NOT a good thing.
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    Above All just be yourself, dress like you want and keep music to heart,that's what counts (even if you do look much more attractive :p)


  • Check out shops like FOTUS, Technodolly, Obscuria, PlastikWrap, Lip Service and FUTURSTATE. These all have a futuristic look, sort of like something from a space comic.
  • Take a look at rave, dance, and electro clubs. There are great styles on display; just take time to pick out which ones you like.
  • When purchasing bags, backpacks, or satchels, look for single shoulder bags, or ones with crazy and chaotic designs on them or fuzzy mini backpacks.
  • If you're not good at dance watch other people and go with the flow. Remember, there is always someone worse than you, and not doing something becomes a worse regret than embarrassing memories -- which, in the long run, you will probably find amusing.
  • Look for artwork on the web. Cover art for futuristic cyberpunk-themed novels are a good start.
  • Find websites for clubs that have nights devoted to the scene. The better ones will have photo galleries that will give you great examples.O


  • Remember. Fashion is about individuality, give it your own spin!
  • Never wear dirty old sneakers with your outfit! It will ruin it! If you want to wear tennis shoes with it, get a pair that matches or are invisible in a blacklight.Wear Demonias, Swears or New Rocks.
  • You may get made fun of by certain people, but at least you can whip their butts on the dance floor. (or stomp on their feet with your boots!)

Things You'll Need

  • Money
  • music
  • A dance floor
  • Hair falls
  • Platform boots

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