How to Dress Beautifully

Everybody thinks that you don't judge a book by it's cover,and you don't. But most people dress in clothes that fit their personality and you get a really good example what their personality is like. The point is if the clothes are your style then they tell a lot about you. Soon enough you will be that girl who is walking down the street with everybody's eyes glued to you!


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    Look in your closet, match up clothes, and feel free. You need to see what's "in". Look through magazines and see what the new trend is. Try to match the clothes to your personality.
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    Add accessories! Be creative and turn a boring solid pink shirt into something adorable! Add bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, shoulder bags, you name it!
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    Walk with swagger. You don't want to go out there to show the brand new wardrobe change and not show that your proud of it! Straighten your shoulders, and walk with your head held high!
    • Shake it girl! Today is when you go out there and show them what you got!
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    • Flirt! be one of a kind and show them boys your stuff! Go out there and be your best self!
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    Feel comfortable with what you're wearing. If you think that what you're wearing is too revealing or just plain uncomfortable always change the outfit. You can't have fun when you feel uncomfortable.
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    Smile! Every outfit looks terrible if you don't smile. It's like that cherry on ice cream . You will not look confident, and that will just make you look bad.
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    Get in shape. If you want to dress beautiful, your shape needs to look beautiful. This doesn't mean that you are to starve yourself. Just exercise and eat healthy. Jogging, rollerblading, and riding a bike are very good ways of exercising.
    • You might want to try not to eat when you are not hungry> Some people eat when they are not hungry, just because they are bored. FYI: if you eat when you are not hungry your body actually produces more fat because it needs to do something with those calories.So it would be better NOT TO EAT when you aren't hungry.
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    To spruce up your look you might want to try nail art. You can get the dotting tool at almost any craft or dollar store. For the stamps you might want to go to pampering places such as bed bath and beyond and check if the stamping kit is there. Again for the brushes[actual paint brushes] you might want want to get them at a craft store.


  • Give yourself makeovers every once in a while. Experiment with new hairstyles,and makeup shades. File your nails,practice your swagger and flirting. Try to be your best self.
  • Make healthy eating creative! You can cut fruits or vegetables into shapes or just put food dye in them. If you are tempted to eat sweets then just chew flavored gum until the urge is over.
  • Try shopping at popular shops to get the best clothing results.
  • Put on some make-up to just touch up that outfit. Trust me it really works.
  • For the nail art you might want to get exotic polishes like I get. For example: I shop at justice a lot and they have glow in the dark polishes, smelly polishes, crackle ones, and my favorite the mood polish. Have fun looking for the color/style/design that suits you best!
  • For exercising, you might want to hula hoop or jog. Try to experiment to see what exercise suits you the best.


  • Remember, never put on anything randomly. If you want to look hot, your clothes have to work good together.
  • Do not wear the same thing someone else is wearing it. Be unique. If you want to, that's fine, but it looks better wearing something original.

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