How to Dress As a Cute Cat for Halloween

A black cat. A Goth cat. One of those skinny black cats with green eyes that lurk in the dark on Halloween - or the ones who run around door to door taking candy!


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    Get necessities for your costume. Usually, you can't be a cat without the following:
    • Ears and a tail. Look around on Halloween - they have all different kinds. Just avoid striped ones, unless you are going as a tiger.
    • Collar. Sometimes, you will find a necklace with a bell hanging off it but this occurs very rarely. If you cannot find one, get an actual collar and try to take the bell off carefully. Attach the bell to a chain or a choker/larger collar. Another cute idea is to wear a rabies vaccination. However, that would be optional.
    • Claws. This is easy if you have long nails already. Some of us aren't blessed with long nails. Buy a pack of long stick on nails. Attach them with nail glue. Never attach them with super glue because this might damage your nails. Paint them white or black. Try pointing them and keeping them long. But they can be bothersome, so have them at any length you want.
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    Pick an outfit, preferably black clothing. A simple pair of black jeans, shorts, skirts or a dress works great. Have a black top of any kind. If you have black shoes, that will do fine. It is not recommended that you go barefoot.
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    Style your hair. You can do anything for this step. Pigtails, ponytail, big teased hair, straight hair curly hair, no hair at all, wig, dyed hair, etc. Be creative - and remember it's Halloween, so don't be afraid to go all out!
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    Apply your makeup. Some necessary makeup options are:
    • White face makeup. This is completely optional, but adds a great touch.
    • Whiskers and black nose. You can buy a whisker kit or just do it with eyeliner. However, only put three whiskers on each side of the nose. Put a black dot or triangle on the tip of your nose.
    • Cat eyes. There are a million options here. For the green eye look, line your eyes with green eyeliner and green eyeshadow very thin. Apply a thick coat of eyeshadow on your eye lids. Wear black eyeliner and wing it out long for cat eyes. Maybe even use fake eyelashes if you wanna look lovey-dovey. But these are all just examples; do whatever floats your boat.
    • Lipstick is optional. Great examples are black, bright red, dark red, pink or purple.
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    Go out! Whether you're going to a party or trick or treating, meow at people! Also claw at the air and purr.


  • Accessorize freely. This means use anything you can find from fangs, bows, gloves, rings, bracelets, glow-sticks, earrings...anything.


  • Don't crawl on all fours.
  • You don't have to be skinny, the above comment was just a description of the real cat.

Things You'll Need

  • Ears
  • Tail (Optional)
  • Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow
  • Lipstick (Optional)
  • Whiskers Kit (Or use eye liner)
  • Black Clothing
  • Black Or White Nail Polish
  • A Great Meow!

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