How to Dress As a Bride

Picking out the perfect wedding dress depends on the venue/theme of the wedding, budgetary concerns and personal taste. Read this article for tips on picking the perfect dress!


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    Determine location and time of wedding. Pick a venue and theme that best reflects what type of wedding event you want to plan, and you will dress accordingly. A church wedding may require more modest attire while a destination wedding could have something a bit more fashionable.
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    Read bridal magazines and pattern catalogs to evaluate your options. See what dresses and options are out there, and determine how what you like can fit into your ideal wedding gown. If you are brushed up on dresses before you see a sales associate, that will greatly increase the chance that you'll be able to tailor your dress the way that you want.
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    Make a list of bridal shops that you want to visit. Do an Internet search for bridal shops in your area (or out of the area, if you are willing to make the extra trip), and find shops that carry dresses within your budget. Make a spreadsheet with these stores and their location/contact information. Make an appointment to visit each store.
    • Don't be overwhelmed or nervous! There are a large selection of gowns at every bridal shop, but the assistants are extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They will do their best to make recommendations that suit the personal style and ideal wedding plans you share with them.
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    Determine the color of your dress. White is traditional, but other off-white/nude colors such as cream, pink, light gold and silver are also popular. Adventurous brides can also experiment with more vibrant colors such as yellow, red, or whatever suits your fancy -- just make sure to still stand out from the bridesmaids!
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    Determine what style you want the bodice of your dress to be. This mostly depends on your figure, but when it comes to deciding between equally appropriate options, your personal tastes are factored into the question.
    • Bustier women may prefer a halter dress or strap/sleeved dress to provide extra support for the chest area.
    • Women with flatter chests should get a padded bodice with a sweetheart neckline that's not too low. It will also help to get a dress with a train and large pickup on the skirt, to avoid drawing attention to the chest area.
    • Women with broad shoulders and arms will prefer a style with thick straps or capped sleeves to conceal those areas. A strapless bodice with lots of embroidery and fancy detail will be good for women with a moderate bust to draw attention to the chest and away from the shoulder/arms.
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    Determine what kind of skirt you want your dress to have. Because wedding dresses are full and floor-length, you don't have to worry about whether a particular style will flatter your figure or your legs. You can't really go wrong, so pick a style at the wedding store that suits your tastes.
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    Determine whether your want your dress to have a train. Although a train provides an elegant and regal touch, they can be annoying to deal with after the ceremony. Some dresses come with a detachable train that can be slipped off for the reception and post-wedding affairs; look out for those.
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    Plan for alterations. Wedding dresses are altered so that they fit you perfectly, so make sure you start shopping for a dress early so that you will have time for the adjustments you need. Your sales associate should help you take measurements and note down what changes need to be made.
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    Enjoy your dress! Try it on well before the ceremony for any last-minute adjustments.


  • Once the dress is purchased, be sure to have all the needed undergarments for the dress. Is a hoop needed? How about gloves? Don't forget the garter, if the groom plans to remove the garter after the wedding.
  • Allow time for fittings and alterations as a bride wants to look her best on her wedding day.

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