How to Dress As a Bohemian

Three Parts:Choosing Colors and PatternsCreating the Bohemian SilhouetteAccessorizing and Styling

Bohemian clothing has become particularly trendy in the past couple of years. Whether you’ve known the name of the style or not, you’ve definitely seen the bohemian style gracing television and magazines. The bohemian, or “boho” style is one inspired by art, the 70’s, travel, and free-spiritedness. By embracing their love of color, patterns, and fun, and keeping a few simple concepts in mind, you can dress just like a bohemian.

Part 1
Choosing Colors and Patterns

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    Embrace bold colors. The bohemian style is all about having fun with your clothing. If you want to dress as a bohemian, you need to stay away from dull, all neutral outfits. Instead, start wearing pieces in vivid red, vibrant orange, and eye-catching turquoise. If it’s fun and bright, it’s bohemian.
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    Hunt for pieces with fun patterns. To embrace the bohemian style, remember that patterns are your best friend. Look for retro prints, tribal designs, and whimsical patterns. If you find pieces with fun patterns in crazy colors, even better! Paisley, tie dye, and suzani patterns are all must-haves for the bohemian wardrobe.[1]
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    Get floral. Any piece of clothing or accessory with flowers on it is perfect to achieve a bohemian look. Embrace florals and don’t be afraid to over-do it. If someone calls you a “flower child,” you’re doing it right. Bold, colorful, show-stopping flowers are a staple in a bohemian wardrobe.

Part 2
Creating the Bohemian Silhouette

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    Wear loose-fitting pieces. Think breezy and natural. The bohemian style is all about relaxation, so avoid your skintight shirts or body-hugging dresses. For women, look for billowing dresses and soft, flowing tops. If you can run through a field of flowers comfortably, it’s probably a great bohemian piece. For men, look for tunics, loose-fitting jackets and cardigans, and slouchy sweaters. If you do find a piece of clothing that feels bohemian but is a bit fitted, pair it with more gentle, loose-fitting clothing.[2]
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    Buy things oversized. When in doubt, go a size up. When it comes to the bohemian style, there is no such thing as too big, too long, or too billowy. To someone less fashion-forward than yourself, they may think your look is a bit “bag lady” or "hobo," but that’s what you’re going for. Big, loose, draped, styles are key.
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    Layer, then layer some more. Try a flowy dress over flared jeans, a tunic over pants and boots, or loose cardigan sweaters over anything. Don’t be afraid to mix bold colors and patterns, because this style is all about fun and vibrancy. Mix different textures to create interesting outfits, and don’t be afraid to put unexpected pieces together.

Part 3
Accessorizing and Styling

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    Wear chunky jewelry. Big bracelets, long necklaces, and oversized rings are perfect. Just like your clothing, don’t hesitate to layer multiple pieces of jewelry in all sorts of colors and styles. Combine multiple bangles on your wrist in different colors and materials. Layer a few different necklaces. Pop on a large stone ring. Don’t worry, cheap, costume jewelry is totally fine. Imagine you’re a child playing dress-up. Don’t be afraid to do it wrong– just have fun!
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    Throw on a scarf. Like with the rest of your wardrobe, look for scarves in fun prints and bright colors. You can throw them around your neck like you traditionally would, or you can mix it up. Tie it around your head for a more interesting look.[3] Cinch it around your waist to complement a flowing dress. Put it wherever you want! Scarves are a perfect addition to the relaxed bohemian style.
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    Add unique footwear. Strappy sandals, like gladiator sandals, are a must-have in a female bohemian wardrobe.[4] Strappy sandals look great on men too, and Birkenstocks are another comfortable option.[5] If it’s too chilly to wear sandals, look for other unique options. Women can wear colorful boots, beaded flats, or anything else that is fun and playful.[6] Men can wear anything from boots to suede lace-up shoes to moccasins. Look for footwear that is interesting yet comfortable, because that’s what this style is all about.
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    Look for inspired headwear. For women, a floppy hat is a chic accessory to complete a bohemian outfit. Look for fun, relaxed sun hats to pop on to finish the outfit or simply to cover up a bad hair day.[7] Flower crowns are also very bohemian and very trendy right now.[8] Add one to your look for a creative, feminine touch. For men, anything casual and fun can have a place in a bohemian wardrobe. A great addition to a bohemian closet is a pork pie hat– they can complete any outfit.[9]
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    Let your hair flow. Just like bohemian clothing, bohemian hair is tousled, playful, and flowing. For women, think beachy waves, braids, and loose curls. For men, think slightly tidied bedhead. When it comes to bohemian hairstyles, avoid anything that looks too "perfect" or styled. Embrace the bohemian lifestyle and keep your mind, and your hair, relaxed.

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