How to Dress and Look Simple

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A simple style is one that makes you feel confident and attractive without much effort or stress. It can be accomplished by anyone willing to make the right changes. Try simplifying your wardrobe, paring down your makeup routine and opting for a classic, easy-to-pull-off hairstyle.

Part 1
Dressing Simply

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    Build your wardrobe with classic staples. Having a few good staples goes a long way. You can mix and match them with each other and employ layers for all seasons. Choose classic items for an elegant appearance that doesn't require a lot of forethought.
    • For a dressed up event, any woman will tell you that their 'little black dress' is a staple. To wear the dress for other occasions, interchange dressy pumps for simple black flats. For men, it's important to own a classic black suit and quality dress shoes.
    • Some classic tops include a knit sweater or cardigan in a light color, a white shirt with a scooped neckline, and a white long-sleeve button down shirt.[1]
    • Classic bottoms include black slacks or pants, along with dark-wash denim.[2]
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    Buy quality over quantity. Quality material and well thought-out design will go much further in a simple wardrobe than discount or cheaply made clothing. You will be able to create multiple outfits from fewer items when the clothing fits you well and lasts a long time.
    • Be sure to take your time finding and purchasing the classic clothes you decide to invest in.
    • If you want to dress up your look, a statement necklace, earrings, or other piece of jewelry will go a long way.
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    Keep a pair of jeans in your wardrobe. Jeans are a staple you can always rely on for a simple look. Choose jeans that are are a solid, neutral color, and don't have a large amount of detail, rips, or other decorations and seam-work on them.They'll go with everything.
    • Dark wash jeans are the best option since they compliment just about any top and look slimming.
    • For the same reasons, black denim, yoga, or cotton pants are also a great staple for your wardrobe.[3] Dark pants go well with a wide variety of other colors, and can be dressed up or down, so the options for tops and shoes are endless.
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    Pair dark pants with a light top. To keep the simple look, choose a white or gray top. Avoid bold patterned shirts and bright colors.
    • If you have a lighter pair of jeans or pants, a black top can also look nice.
    • Choose tops in any type of material, from cotton jersey to silk or satin.
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    Wear practical shoes. If you need to dress up an outfit you'll want classic solid color dress shoes for men, or black pumps or flats for ladies. Depending on the weather, you may want to wear classic sneakers (such as solid color tennis shoes), flats, or sandals. Wear shoes that feel comfortable, aren't flashy or trendy (less is more), and match the rest of your outfit.
    • Be smart about your style. For instance, if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain you will likely need to pair your outfit with rain boots.
    • For simplicity's sake, you may plan to have one pair of simple walking shoes for each season: sandals for summer, flats for fall, ankle boots for winter, and so on.
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    Employ one accent piece to show your uniqueness. Because your outfit is pleasantly simple, it allows for something else like tattoos, big hair, or a statement necklace to really take the stage. If you have something uniquely you, play that up as your main attraction.
    • Wear clothes that leave tattoos exposed to show them off.
    • You can focus on an item, such as a bright colored scarf, by wearing it with a contrasting white top.

Part 2
Creating a Fresh-Faced Appearance

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    Wash and moisturize your face. To start fresh and with a clean slate you'll want to rinse your face with cold water. If you have dry skin, apply a moisturizer. For some, this is the only step you'll need if you choose not to apply makeup.
    • A great oil facial oil that suites almost any skin-type is jojoba oil, because it neutralizes and accommodates to oily or dry skin.[4]
    • Coconut oil as a face moisturizer works well used the night before you're going for a simple look. It is oily to leave on during the day but soaks into your skin overnight.[5]
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    Use toner if you're choosing to apply makeup. Toner will cleanse your pores more deeply than just washing your face with water.[6] It will also make pores shrink, which will give your skin a smoother look. Put a few drops on a cotton ball and dab it all over your face, being careful around your eyes.
    • Toner is a good option for men, too. It smells fresh and can help you avoid pimples or bumps from shaving. Just be sure not to use toner directly after you shave, as it may contain alcohol and burn.
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    Tweeze your eyebrows. Shape your brows to look cleaned up and attractive, even if you do nothing else. You can also use an eyebrow pencil to help fill in sparse areas and give definition. To figure out how to shape your brows,
    • Look in the mirror and visualize a line from the corner of your nose straight up until it reaches your eyebrow; that should be the place where your brow begins.
    • Identify the peak of your arch by drawing an imaginary angled line from the corner of your nose through your pupil.
    • Identify the spot where your brow should stop by making another line from the corner of your nose angled to the outer corner of your eye.[7]
    • Pluck the hairs that fall outside the areas you identified.
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    Consider using foundation and concealer. To further smooth out your skin tone while keeping things simple, you might want to use foundation and concealer. It's a good way to cover blemishes without going over the top.
    • Use your fingers or a makeup brush to apply foundation evenly on your face.[8] It is helpful to dab dots around your face and then blend it in so there aren't uneven areas.
    • Use concealer to cover dark spots, acne, and especially under your eyes to hide dark circles.
    • You can brush powder over your face after using concealer to further give the appearance of smooth skin and 'set' your makeup.[9]
    • If you want to take it one step further, apply a light blush. Smile and use a brush to sweep blush onto the raised area of your cheeks. The strokes should go from the center and out.
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    Choose neutral eye makeup. Look for pallets that have browns, pinks or a bronze hue depending on what may match your skin tone. Use a makeup brush to blend a light shadow from your eyebrows down to your eye lid crease.
    • For more definition, use black eyeliner on upper and/or lower lids. Crimp your lashes and apply mascara.
    • For a basic winged look, apply a line of eyeliner to the top of your eye with a light and short curve up at the outer corners of your eyes.[10]
    • Another simple option for eyeliner is a line following the bottom inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Again, this should not be thick or stand out, but just enough to add attention to your eyes.
    • Use pencil eyeliners rather than liquid eyeliners for a more natural and blended look.

Part 3
Styling Simple Hair

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    Pick a part. For both men and women, part your hair in a different way to give yourself an easy, new style. There is the middle part, a side part, and even the zig-zag part to try, where sections of hair slightly cross over each other toward the front of the head.
    • If you have a square face, the side part is most attractive, while the center part is better left for those with round faces.[11]
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    Go with a teased look. If you want to give the look of more volume, gather sections of your hair and use a comb to lightly brush about an inch away from your scalp back toward your roots. This can be helpful if you want a messy bun or ponytail look without your hair hugging tight to your head.
    • Men, this will work for you as well. If you have long enough hair you can try teasing sections to give yourself texture. Avoid doing this all over, especially not close to the face on the sides of the head and over the ears. Instead, try limiting it to the section above your temples and further back.
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    Tell your barber to cut your hair shorter on the sides. Men can pull off looking classic by cutting the hair on the sides of their head and keeping the top section longer. This is called a fade haircut. You can use gel and brush the section back, or finger comb gel in if you choose to style it in the morning.[12]
    • Overall this hairstyle is easy to maintain and there are many variations in length and tapering which you and/or your barber can try out.
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    Work a classic crew cut. It doesn't actually get much simpler than this unless you get a buzzcut. There is little maintenance here and it keeps your hair from taking over your style. Good grooming and clean cut lines will take this look to the next level.
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    Put your hair in a ponytail. If your hair is long enough, one of the most basic and simple hair styles is a ponytail. Tie your hair up around the higher 3rd of the back of your head. If you have a bob that fits into a smaller ponytail, that works as well.
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    Throw it up into a messy bun. Another simple hairstyle is the bun. Twist your ponytail around and secure a knot with another hair tie, or use bobby pins if your hair slips out.
    • For a stylish hairdo, men can pull their hair back into a man-bun and add an under-shave cut to take it a step further.
    • Pull a couple pieces of hair loose from above your temples for a more relaxed look.
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    Pull back half of your hair. Gather hair from above your ears back toward the mid-top area of your scalp and secure with a hair tie or clip. You can also gather smaller sections away from your face and secure back. Use a head band to create another style that keeps hair out of your face without pulling it all back.
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    Braid your hair. A simple, single braid down the back can be a great way to pull off a simple yet attractive design. A french braid is even more attractive and can be made into two for a whole different look. You could also form two small braids from sections off the sides of your temples and tie them back for a nice style.
    • Fishtail braids are also beautiful and easy to learn by watching a YouTube video or two, or asking a friend who knows how.


  • Be yourself. The simple look takes the emphasis off of your appearance and onto your personality.
  • For the real simple look, don't paint your nails bright colors. A simple French manicure on short nails looks fine.
  • Pixie cuts are fantastic in their simplicity and there's no need to worry about styling unless you have a preference.
  • Avoid wearing flashy jewelry when going casual.
  • Keep purses small and a solid color.
  • These styles are variable depending on where you live and what style is popular. For example, if most people your age wear a certain style of shoe in your area then that is the shoe to wear for your simple look. Just keep the colors to white, brown, black, or easy on the eye.


  • If you are usually a bold stylist and character, you may want to ease into the simple look by changing aspects of your look one day at a time rather than overnight to avoid shocking family and friends and to adjust to taking on the new look.

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