How to Draw Stick Figure People That Look Like Garden Gnomes

If you are in the unfortunate position in which you don't have an ounce of artistic talent, then this article is for you. Wow your friends and family with the awesome garden gnome peoples. Discover their power!


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    First of all, you need to learn the proper form of the stick figure. It's really sad if you can't do that, but some people can't and that's okay. Pictures are unavailable, so a detailed description should suffice. Draw a straight line with a small circle on top. Then, at the bottom of the long line, draw two long, jointed legs with small feet that look like arms. After that, halfway between the head and the legs, draw two jointed arms with teeny circles for hands.
  2. Image titled Elf ears Step 2
    Now that that's covered, draw elf ears on the sides of the head. They should be very pronounced; this is mainly what makes the stick figure a garden gnome.
  3. Image titled Traingle hat Step 3
    Draw a triangle on the top of the head. It should look like a party hat.
  4. Image titled Pointy clogs Step 4
    Finally, make the little feet into large clogs. The tops should curve into a sharp point.


  • Practice by drawing stick men in different positions. The beauty of the stick figure is that you can draw them very easily and they can be doing anything.


  • DO NOT let anyone steal your awesome ideas.

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