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This is is how to draw a barbie doll, the most celebrated icon doll for female children. Barbie was first created by Ruth Handler, an American businesswoman. Inspired to give her daughter a dress-up doll, she designed Barbie, a doll which can be dressed up and accessorized. If you’re a big fan of this iconic doll, try this tutorial-out and enjoy sketching fashion and glamour.


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    Start by drawing vertical and horizontal lines or guidelines on Barbie’s head. Then draw her head by creating a rounded rectangular shape, slightly pointed at its left corner and indented at its middle left side.
    • Try using a sharpened pencil for this illustration and even a kneaded eraser for you to be able to easily draw.
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    Draw her long hair by sketching flowing lines from the top of her head to below it.
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    Draw the details of her face such as her eyebrows, eyes, nose and lips. Draw her eyes by drawing first 2 almond shapes and 3 circles inside it.
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    After drawing her head, you can now draw her body. Start by placing a guideline; sketch a curve line from her head to 4 spaces down below it.
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    From your drawn guideline, draw her neck, upper body and arms. Use circles for her shoulders and elbows then distorted bean-shapes for her hands.
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    Next, draw her lower body. For the picture of Barbie used in the example, she’s wearing an above the knee dress. Sketch first the skirt of her dress then her legs, use circles again for her knees and distorted bean shapes for her feet.
    • Try to draw the circles first for her knees or even her elbows and shoulders then connect it to her skirt or neck.
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    Connect your drawn circles and ovals to her head and body in order to emphasize further her silhouette. Erase guidelines and inside lines to clean up your drawing.
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    Add details to her hair, dress and hands by sketching lines that can copy the movement of her hair and dress. Add also details such as a ribbon and a heart shaped top to her dress.
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    Then add her accessories. Sketch her oversized bag, sunglasses and peep-toe sandals. Use the accompanying illustration to copy her accessories.
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    You can now outline your drawing. Outline by sketching thick to thin lines by using a black pen or marker.
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    Finally add final touches to your drawing by adding graphic stripes to Barbie’s dress, bracelets, eyelashes on her eyes and a hooped earring.
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    Color it in! Use colors such as yellow for her hair, blue for her eyes and variations of pink on her dress and accessories.

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