How to Draw a Vase

If you enjoy drawing it's very useful if you know how to draw a vase. You can use it in a still life with fruit or draw in a beautiful bouquet of flowers. This basic method can be used to draw many other things but the simplicity of the vase makes it a good starting point.


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    Lightly draw an oval for the guideline of the object. Follow the shape of the vase or picture. You may want to the bottom a little flatter, the bottom half of an ellipse. Read about how to draw a cylinder for more information on getting the perspective right for the top and bottom edges of the vase.
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    Now, pressing harder, draw the rim and the rest of the outline, trying to make it look as smooth as possible.
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    Erase the excess lines or construction lines from the first step.
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    Draw details, such as artwork on the surface.
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    Color in. For a realistic look, add highlights, shading, and shadow.


  • Vases come in lots of shapes and sizes. Try several.
  • Shading is the key to making your drawing look more realistic. When coloring, use lighter colors on the spot that is facing the light, and darker on the other side. Look at the object or the photo. This one has two light sources, so the vase and the candles each have two bright areas, in lighter colors, with darker colors and shadows elsewhere.
  • If you want, put the rest of the scene in place. Draw the flowers, the table underneath, and the background items. This is called a still life.
  • Shading makes your drawing look realistic. If you want you can put the rest of the scene in your drawing. For example, a table or curtain. However, these things should not distract from the fact that the vase is the main object. Pencil shading or colouring it also works. This type of drawing is called a still life.


  • If it doesn't come out quite right at first don't give up. Art is about more than making something look exactly the way it looks in real life.

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