How to Draw a Purple Crayon

Drawing a crayon is good practice for drawing cylinders and learning a bit about perspective and shading. Since many objects are cylindrical, it's worth practicing. Click on any image for a better look.


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    Choose your favorite color. In this article, we'll use purple. Use a crayon or colored pencil of that color. A color pencil will give a somewhat finer line than a crayon.
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    Have a look at a real crayon or at least a photograph of one. Looking at the real thing will help you get the proportions and decorations about right.
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    Draw two parallel lines at an angle on the page. You can use a ruler to keep them nice and straight, or you can draw them freehand for a more artistic look.
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    Draw a pair of half-ellipses at either end. Complete the ellipse at the top end.
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    Draw two short lines off the lower end of the crayon. Make them parallel to your first two lines and inside them a little bit.
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    Connect these two short lines with another half-ellipse. Try to make it look like the others.
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    Draw the tip of the crayon. This is two more lines, this time slanting inwards to another small half-ellipse.
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    With a black crayon or pencil, outline two more wide, elliptical stripes.
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    Draw squiggles inside the stripes and shade between them.
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    Draw a decal on your crayon, if you want one. Also, write in the color of your crayon.
    • If you're going to write something in your decal, it will help it come out centered to write, then draw the shape around it.
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    Give your crayon depth. Shade it darkly around the edges, lighter in the center. Go parallel to the lines on either side. Shade the ends, where the wax is, darker than the label.
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    If you want, draw a squiggly line to show what your crayon has drawn.
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    Try putting a shadow under your crayon. It can make it look like it is popping up out of the page it's drawn on.
    • Remember: light travels in a straight line, so draw a crayon-shaped shadow and put the end of it just opposite where the light appears to be.


  • Don't worry if it doesn't look just like a picture; just try to capture the basic shape of the crayon.
  • Things on a cylinder wrap around the cylinder, parallel to the ellipses that form either end. Try to get the letters and the squiggles to wrap around, too, even better.
  • This guide doesn't just apply for purple crayons. You can draw your crayon any color you want.

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