How to Draw a Portrait of a Man

This article will show you how to draw a basic portrait of a man.


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    Draw the Head: Draw an oval or egg shape. Halfway down the oval draw a horizontal line. This is the eye line, which is where the eyes will be placed. Next, draw a vertical line down the middle of the oval. This is the line of symmetry.
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    Draw the Eyes: The face is "five eyes" wide, and the distance between the two eyes is equal to the width of on eye. Find the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. There, draw a shape like a football. Next,draw an eye on both the left and right side of this football shape.There should be enough space to fit one eye on both the left and right side of the face. Erase the middle shape.
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    Find the Mouth: About 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the oval, make a mark on both sides of the oval.Draw a horizontal half-circle using these marks as a guide. Finally, draw a light line from the middle of both eyes down to the half-circle you have just drawn.
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    Find the nose: Draw a small half-circle on top of the larger half-circle,between the two lines that you drew from the middle of the eyes down. This is the top of the mouth. Next, draw a triangle that connects the two corners of the mouth to the point formed by the intersection of the eye line and the line of symmetry. Above the mouth, draw a light line from one side of the triangle to the other. This is where the bottom of the line of the nose will be.The triangle is how wide the nose will be.
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    Draw the features: Erase the eye line, the line of symmetry, the large half-circle that the mouth rests on, and the triangle that the nose is inside of. Look at the person you want to draw and adjust your sketch. You might want to move the chin up and down or have more or less space between the eyes and the sides of the head. Draw a new shape for the face that looks more like who are you trying to draw. Then, draw the features: eyelids, eyeballs, eyebrows, a nose, an upper and lower lip, and cheekbones.
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    Draw the details: Erase any extra lines. Add hair, eyelashes, and the features of the ears and eyes. Keep erasing and drawing until you like the way your portrait looks.


  • Keep practicing until you get the hang of it. It's okay if you did not get it or your drawing is not-so-great,remember that it's just your first time so keep practicing, it will look good in time.
  • To make your drawings look more great, place a book under your paper if you're using an oslo or band paper.
  • Prevent drawing with a very very sharp pencil, it might break while you are drawing and ruin the picture.
  • It helps when you draw in a not-so-bright place, or maybe in the morning.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper or Drawing book
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Ruler, for the straight lines
  • You'll also need some ballpoint pens or markers.

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