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Two Methods:A Girl in UniformA Cartoon Girl

Drawing people can be hard, especially children. However, with a little practice, anyone can do it. Here are steps you can follow to draw a girl.

Method 1
A Girl in Uniform

  1. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 1
    Sketch a circle for the head and a small oblong for the body.
  2. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 2
    Sketch the guidelines for the face as well as the chin and the jaw line.
  3. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 3
    Add the extremities (arms and the legs).
  4. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 4
    Sketch 2 circles for the eyes.
  5. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 5
    Sketch the draft of the hair. It depends on you.
  6. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 6
    Sketch the basic draft for the girl’s clothes.
  7. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 7
    Sketch the other details of the uniform.
  8. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 8
    Draw the basic outline of the girl.
  9. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 9
    Erase the draft and put in more details.
  10. Image titled Draw a Girl Step 10
    Color the girl.

Method 2
A Cartoon Girl

  1. Image titled Head Step 1 7
    Sketch the head. Draw a circle and a curved line under that for the chin. Add guidelines like those shown to help you with the facial features. The proportions for the face are up to you, and will vary depending on whether you want it to be realistic or cartoony. The illustrations show a cute, cartoon girl (so the proportions are not very realistic).
  2. Image titled Eyes and ears Step 2
    Add two circles for the eyes and two thin curved lines above that for the eyebrows. Draw two half-circles for the ears, on the same guideline as the eyes.
  3. Image titled Nose and mouth Step 3
    Add a small nose and tiny pair of lips. They can be larger or look different, however, if you want a less cartoonish or cute-looking girl.
  4. Image titled Hair Step 4 2
    Sketch in the hair. Draw bangs for her and make her hair short, or keep it long and wavy. Use your imagination.
  5. Image titled Body Step 5 1
    Now sketch in the body. Draw a small neck for her, a circle for the upper body and an oval for the lower body.
  6. Image titled Arms and legs Step 6
    For the arms and legs, draw 2 connected ovals each. Draw small circles for the hands and feet. Put in cute little ovals for her fingers. You don’t have to include the detail of fingernails, but if you do, make them fairly short and emphasize them later by coloring them in (to serve as nail polish).
  7. Image titled Clothes Step 7 1
    Sketch in her dress. Add a pattern if you want, or just draw a simple dress. Draw some shoes and add a floppy hat or a ribbon for her hair.
  8. Image titled Details Step 8
    Add final lines and any additional details, like eyelashes, ribbons, etc. The specifics are up to you--again, be creative!
  9. Image titled Outline Step 9
    Outline the little girl and erase the guidelines. You can also add some sort of background or another outside element to your drawing at this point, such as shadowing.
  10. Image titled Color Step 10
    Color her and her clothes in. You’re done!


  • Draw lightly in pencil so that you can easily rub out mistakes.
  • For most artists, humans are the most difficult thing to portray, because there are so many techniques to drawing them and so many minor features to take into account. The girl shown in the images here is a simple example, but learning the basics before you go onto real figure drawing is important. So even if you’re not much for elementary cartoons, sketch this girl and other simple figures before you try drawing more realistic people.

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