How to Draw a Girl's Face

This is a simple and easy way to sketch a girl's face that will look realistic and pretty! just follow these steps!


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    Draw the outline. First, draw an egg-like shape on the paper. Make the chin go in, and then go out in the middle of the face, and bring it to an end at the top about three times the width of the chin.
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    Draw the eyes. The eyes should look something like lemons, with a round middle, small outside ends, and a little bump at the inside end. Remember that the eyes should come about halfway down the face--most of the top half will be filled with hair. The iris (the colored bit) should be like an oval with the top and bottom cut off. The pupil is just a black circle in the middle. Make the eyelashes fairly long.
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    Draw the nose. An easy way to make a non-pig-snout-like nose is this: draw a squiggly line, for the bottom of the nose, that looks like two hills and a shallow valley. Make a semi-circle curving in--( )--on each side of the squiggly line. Carefully fill in about half of the hills in the squiggly line for the nostrils.
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    Draw the mouth. Make a bowl-shaped figure for the bottom lip, and a shape like a volcano for the top.
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    Draw the eyebrows...They should be thin, because it's a girl. if the person is angry, make them curve in. If the person is surprised, have them curve out. If the person is neutral, have them straight with a slight curve at the inside end.
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    Draw the hair. The hair is pretty much your choice. Just remember to have it fill in most of the space above the eyes.
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    Draw the ears. Make the ears curve slightly up at the top (which should be level with the bottom of the eyes) and the lobes curve slightly out. The ears should be pretty simple. If you're drawing earrings, have the hook come in about halfway down the lobe, or at least that's the basic earring placement. There may be earrings on the side/top of the ear.
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    (Optional) Draw the neck. Have the neck come up almost to the bottom of the ear.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser

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