How to Draw a Do Job Man

Bored and need to doodle? A do-job man is a fun and cute little piece of notebook art which will take your mind off of any job you're supposed to be doing! Read on to learn how to make one.


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    In your best handwriting, write the letters "d" and "o." They should be lowercase and spaced pretty far apart. This will become an ear and an eye.
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    Draw in your "J." The "J" is uppercase, and extends above the "o" as eyebrows and continues below to be the nose.
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    Finish with the "ob," in lowercase, spaced just as evenly and the "do" was. This is the rest of the face--the other eye and ear.
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    Flesh out your do-Job man. Add the rest of the head, a smile, some fuzzy hair, and a stick figure body. You can make him fancier if you'd like, or even make a do-Job woman!


  • Don't be annoyed if your first do-Job man isn't perfect. His imperfection makes him cuter!


  • Don't doodle in a place you shouldn't or be obvious that you are doodling. Your boss or professor might not think the do-Job man is as cute as you do.

Things You'll Need

  • notebook/ any kind of paper
  • pencil or other writing utensil
  • coloring utensil

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