How to Draw a Bride

The image of a bride and groom can be iconic, a reminder of a special time in their lives. Whether you're drawing a married a couple a memento of their wedding or just doodling, when you draw this bride, you will hear the wedding bells ring!


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    Draw a rough outline of the head and body of the bride. Draw an oval-like shape for the head, and a simple line to determine the height of the bride. Use the head to make the correct proportions. For an adult, that means the entire body is 7-8 'heads' tall.[1]
    • If you are drawing bridesmaids or flower girls (and they are younger than the bride), their head should be proportionally bigger, with the body being 6 or 5 'heads' tall.
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    Draw a rough outline of the arms, shoulders and bosom. Slightly below the head, draw a horizontal line parallel to the bottom of the face. Draw two lines at the angle you want the arms, and then connect the lines to make a triangle. Sketch a small online of the top of the dress, extending slightly below the arms. Draw a line halfway down the arms for the bust.
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    Begin to draw the outlines of the dress. Draw three lines: one large curved one (A), and two straight ones (B & C). Line A should curve from the start of the feet, and dip down below them. Lines B and C should be straight and reach from where the outline of the dress would be.
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    Draw the bride's arms and her bouquet. Erase the part of the triangle on the inside, and draw in the bodice of the bride. Draw a circle in the place the bouquet will be.
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    Draw the neck of the bride. Take two curved lines and extend them from the shoulder to the base of the head. If drawing a bride donning a strapless gown, draw the top of the dress near the armpits. If not, simply draw the neckline of the dress slightly below the neck.
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    Draw the full extent of the dress. Extend the outline of the skirt all the way to the bottom line. Erase the vertical line in the center, along with Lines B & C. Leave the circle where the bouquet will be. Fix up any lines up to this point.
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    Draw the bouquet. Draw several roses or other flowers, and draw a ribbon tying them together. You can make the ribbon be tied up in a bow, or knotted in the back. Your ribbons can be any length.
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    Draw the hair of the bride. Curly or straight, short or long, braided or plain, the hair of your bride is up to you. Adding strands of hair that come off the head can make your hair seem more realistic. If drawing a bun, make sure to adjust the veil accordingly in the next step!
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    Draw the veil. Different people have different types of veils, so this part is up to you. A long one generally has a rounded end, while shorter ones tend to end sharply. Start from the top of the head and curve down.
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    Add color and small details to your bride. Wedding dresses are generally white in Western Cultures[2], but some people dress in red or other colored attire[3]. Draw in the hair and add and details in the dress and arms. If desired, draw a face.


  • While drawing outlines, avoid drawing darkly. Instead try to sketch lightly.

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