How to Draw a Basketball Court

Are you becoming enthused about basketball, and now want to know how to draw a basketball court so you can design your own plays or understand each play for analysis? This article can show you how to draw that court so that vision can become a not-so-far-off dream.


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    Draw a rectangle in landscape mode. Basketball courts are always rectangular, if you've had a chance to look at one close up.
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    Work on drawing one side first. A basketball court has two mirror images on each side of a center area. Draw from the outside line and work towards the center. Make sure to connect each item (unless otherwise noted) to the left or right side of the drawn court.
    • Draw a rectangle (connected to the sideline).
    • Connect the rectangle at the short end of the rectangle to a half-circle. This should become the outer edge of the free-throw lane/area.
    • Draw the symbol for the basket for the basketball. Leave a little empty space between the outer edge of the court and the free-throw line area. Connect a filled in circle to this line you drew. Make sure this basket is rather center between the top and bottom of the rectangle.
    • Draw the three point line. Although college basketball has the 3-point line farther towards the free-throw half circle, the 3-point line can be generalized and be given more space on most professional basketball courts. Leave a little space at the top left/right corner and a little white space at the bottom left/right corner, but connect a semi-circle (free-hand) to the outer horizontal lines.
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    Work on the reflected area on the other side. Almost make a copy of this on the other side. There are no real differences so far.
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    Draw a circle in the center area of the court in a way so that at no point of the circle will it ever meet the 3-point line of either side.
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    Draw a line from the top center through the tip-off area and down to the bottom. This will designate the mirror images and the equality between the two teams. On most professional basketball courts, this line won't be drawn through the tip-off area, but is known to all players that the game is fair, in lieu of the icon of the team.
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    Recognize that there are other things (such as benches and substitution and game official boxes) that can be drawn on the sidelines. However, if you're looking to sketch out plays and analyze actions on the court, these pieces can generally be excluded.

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