How to Draft a TN Visa Letter

As a Canadian or Mexican professional, you may qualify to work under the TN Visa. If you are qualified, a TN letter is required as part of the application as you cross the border or if you submit a request by mail.In some cases, the letter is drafted by the employer but in many situations employers are not familiar with the TN Visa so it's always good to have a template handy. A TN letter does not have to have follow ONE exact format but there are main categories that should be included in the letter.


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    Start the first paragraph with the standard background info. Applicant Name, Employer Name, Intent to file petition for work visa under NAFTA Appendix 1603.D.1, the Profession category (as listed under NAFTA) e.g. Management Consultant
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    Gather and summarize in one paragraph for an employer profile. Describe the type of business, the size, the industry, details of the specific group that you will be working with, and salary.
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    Summarize in one paragraph your role for your profile. Describe the role that you will play in the group, relevant work experience, education background, & mention the role is only for 3 years.
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    Summarize your role in this company as the closing paragraph. Briefly, in 1 or 2 sentences describe the role and state that you are qualified to attain this position under NAFTA.
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    Insert a sentence after the closing paragraph. Mention supporting documents enclosed with the letter such as CV, transcripts, & diplomas.


  • Border adjudicating officers review hundreds and thousands of applicants – be succinct, organized, & comprehensive – does not have to be long (2 -3 pages is typically sufficient to cover all points)
  • Ensure all of the points above are mentioned and addressed
  • Headers? Sub-headers? Although not mandatory, make use of these if it helps communicate the message in concise fashion


  • Remember that this visa is only for a 3-year term and must be stated in the letter
  • The letter should flow in a manner that is easy to follow. Start with employer information and then to the applicant. Do not alternate between the two.

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