How to Download a File

The internet is a wonderful resource for obtaining files of any imaginable type of data. Here's how to get those files.


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    Find a file. Maybe the file you want is attached to an email, or on a website. If you are looking for a file on the internet, use a search engine(e.g., Google, MSN) to find the file you want.
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    Locate the link to the file. Such a link will usually say "Download", or something similar.
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    Confirm that you trust the source of the file. If the file is attached to, or linked from an email message, do you trust the sender? If the file is located on a web site, is the site run by a reputable business? If your answer is "no", or "I don't know", you should not download the file. Alternatively, you can install anti-virus software, and scan the file for a threat.
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    Click on the link.
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    A dialog box should appear, asking you whether you would like to "Save" the file, or "Run" it. It is best to save the file somewhere on your computer where you will remember it. If you need immediate access to the file, and do not wish to open it again later, select "Run".
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    Enjoy your file.


  • Use anti-virus software


  • Make sure you can trust the website or email attachment that you are downloading the file from, because files may contain viruses, which can damage your computer

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