How to Donate Bottled Water

Donating bottled water is a great way to benefit your community! Everyone gets thirsty and water is a life source to those who truly need it.


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    Pick a place to donate your bottled water to and contact them. The American Red Cross or The Salvation Army are great places to start. You may want to also consider finding an organization that brings water and food overseas to help children in foreign countries.
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    Gather supporters of your cause. Find a group of people to assist in gathering the water you will donate.
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    Set reachable goals for your donation. Choose a number based on the amount of support you have. An example goal might be that you encourage every person involved with your cause contribute two bottles of water. Also set a closing date for your operation and let your charity organization know when they can expect your delivery.
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    Chose a place to host a fundraising event. Your fundraiser event might be a dinner with a fee. The money collected could then be used to buy more water. You could also ask that as well as paying the fee, you would like those who come to your event to also bring bottles of water to donate. Choose a location that is relatively cheap. You may be able to get a space for free if you offer to advertise the location on your event's marketing materials.
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    Print fliers and get the word out about your event. Ensure that your community knows what you are doing so they can support it. Post information on free websites like and any social media network you are involved in.
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    Collect all donations and take them to the charity organization you chose! Congratulate yourself for helping out!


  • Make sure that you are donating bottled water for the right reasons. DO NOT under any circumstances start this operation with motives of your own success.

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