How to Donate a Wiki on Wikia

Some communities that are abandoned can be given away to another user who desires the community. If you created the wiki you don't want to keep anymore and/or if you're leaving Wikia, follow these steps.


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    Log in to your Wikia account.
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    Check through your User Activity and find any Wikia you would like to donate to an active user. If you're deciding to close your Wikia account, check your wikis to see if you still have bureaucrat rights on the wikis you've founded and want to donate them to.
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    If you are still an owner on the wikis you've previously created and you have the bureaucrat right, head over to the active user's contributions. Click "user rights management" and check all the user rights checkboxes including "bureaucrat" to the person you're transferring ownership to and then click "Save User Groups".
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    Once you've donated the wiki, remove all of your rights through the user rights control panel. The account you promoted to a bureaucrat will become the new owner of the community.


  • You can also donate a large active wiki to someone if you're retiring.
  • When you're leaving wikia entirely and you wish to announce it, add a list of wikis you want to donate to before closing your account. Please do not spam your announcements on multiple pages on the same or different pages.
  • Before giving rights, enable all the wiki features via Special:WikiFeatures so that you can also hand-over additional moderative rights to the person you're giving the wikia away to.


  • Double check the user rights for the user you've changed to make sure "bureaucrat" and other groups are checked before demoting yourself.
  • If a user has requested to gain ownership to wiki, ensure you don't donate the wiki to vandals or other problematic users, this might allow them to damage the community. It is likely that Staff will take the wiki away from abusive owners. Check the contributions to make sure there's no vandalism or other recent disruption before proceeding. If you see any, take action to disallow that person to get it.
  • When donating a wiki, ensure the one you're giving to abides by the Terms of Use. Giving a non-compliant community to someone will have it lost.

Things You'll Need

  • A Wikia account
  • Wiki Ownership (with both required rights (bureaucrat and administrator) to promote a new bureaucrat to become an owner)
  • Your created communities you want to donate

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