How to Dodge an Unwanted Conversation

When you see a person you do not want to talk to there are several things you can do. A good strategy is to use to "deadly d's" as shown below.


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    Immediately locate a group of people or a different room closer by.
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    If there aren't very many people around, try to find the closest bathroom so you can lock yourself in and create a more strategic gameplan for getting out of the situation.
    • A good gameplan to follow is the "deadly d's". The "deadly d's" are dodge, duck, dip, dive and keep dodging.
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    Always keep your playbook on mind and up-to-date as well. This can be used on the way to the next room if that is what's needed.
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    If you are fortunate enough to have a crowd of people and a next room, do the following.
    1. Dodge from eye contact with the unwanted person
    2. Duck and Dip behind obstacles and people
    3. Dive through these obstacles or people by using the strafe technique and the swimming motion.
    4. As lastly, keep dodging.
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    After you reach the next room, catch your breath, gather your thoughts, go over the playbook as much as needed, and exit the vicinity using the "deadly d's" technique. After safely exiting the premises, text or call your friends dear to you to make sure they are away of the situation and can exit as well. Make sure they are not tailed by the unwanted follower. If there is not a next room, use the deadly d's technique to exit the premises and instead of calling your friends, there is always the option of using the double tap technique, as they should know the playbook and know what the double tap means. ALWAYS grab your shoes and articles of clothing as this unwanted follower will probably recognize them if noticed.


  • Do NOT let them follow you, or even see you for that matter.
  • Do anything and everything if necessary
  • Always grab shoes and clothes

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