How to Document Your Life

Two Methods:Making Up for Lost TimeContinuing On From Now

Document Your Life...It's not only a really cool idea, it has become a movement![1] In today's digital world, people are already unknowingly documenting their lives via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media networks. It is becoming increasingly easier to make a mark on the lives and things around you, and to be remembered. Taking note of both your life's biggest moments and its everyday details is not only important in terms of long term documentation, but also for you to appreciate them more. Here are some tips to ensure that your life goes well-recorded.

Method 1
Making Up for Lost Time

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    Get to know your older relatives. Your family and where you come from is an important part of you. They also can give you photographs and other memorabilia from when you were young.
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    Ask around if you have a nice network. See if anyone has photographs from 'back in the day'.
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    Volunteer to clean your friends and relatives garages and attics. This might be considered an extreme response to your desire to fully document your life, but you would be amazed at the memorabilia that you can find when you do and you will get their everlasting appreciation!

Method 2
Continuing On From Now

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    Have some way of taking photographs. Whether it's with your cell phone, an SLR, dSLR, or that old point and shoot, don't forget to take photos. Keep your camera around or on yourself to be sure that you don't miss a good photo opportunity.
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    Be that annoying person with the camera everywhere you go. Even if you get on other's nerves (or your own nerves), later you will be glad that you were that person.
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    Have a special folder (on your computer) that you store your 'keepers'. These should be images that you think represent a pivotal point in your life.
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    Find some software that will help you put together your memories and enable you to share them as well. Lightroom, GIMP, Zoner Photo Studio Pro, and many others are available. Some will do more than others.

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