How to Do Your Makeup

Three Methods:Quick and Easy Daily LookThorough Procedure for Daytime CosmeticsSpecial Looks for Special Occasions and Nights Out

The best way to do your makeup depends on the setting you plan to wear it in. Below are a few steps outlining how to do your makeup for daytime and nighttime looks, as well as how to apply it when you're in a rush.

Method 1
Quick and Easy Daily Look

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    Apply BB cream over your face. BB cream is an all-in-one cosmetic that can act as a replacement for both your concealer and foundation.
    • This product is designed to act as a moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock.
    • As a foundation, BB cream creates a lighter, more natural look than most products formulated only for the sake of acting as a foundation.
    • Some BB creams are designed to blend in with your skin tone and may not be available in multiple shades, but newer varieties do offer the cream in multiple shades. For best results, choose one of these newer varieties and opt for a BB cream that closely resembles your skin tone.
    • Apply the cream over your entire face. Get as close to your hairline and chin as possible. Do not get the cosmetic in your eyes or mouth, however.
    • Use a clean makeup sponge or clean fingers to gently massage the BB cream into your skin until it blends in.
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    Swipe a skin tone eyeshadow over your eyelid, if desired. If you want to mask any redness or uneven skin tone over your eyelid, apply a cream or powder eyeshadow that loosely matches your skin tone over the entire eyelid.
    • Cover the entire eye area between your eyebrow and your upper lash line.
    • You can use a special makeup brush to apply the eyeshadow, but for an even faster option, purchase an eyeshadow that comes with an applicator sponge inside the case.
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    Put on a little mascara. If you have time for nothing else but still want an eye-catching look, quickly apply a swipe of mascara onto your upper lashes.
    • Choose a mascara that lengthens and volumizes. Also avoid cheap mascara that creates "clumps" on your eyelashes after application.
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    Brush on a coat of clear lip gloss. When you need a quick hint of something on your lips, a clear lip gloss is the easiest choice. Clear gloss adds sheen to your lips, but by not adding color, it removes the need for painstakingly precise application.
    • Tinted lip gloss is the next quickest option and is less time-consuming than lipstick.
    • You could also apply a tinted lip balm. Lip balms provide the added benefit of protecting your lips while adding a slight tint of color. Moreover, these cosmetics provide a matte alternative to gloss.

Method 2
Thorough Procedure for Daytime Cosmetics

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    Apply moisturizer. Even though facial lotion and moisturizing creams do not have an immediately visible effect, it is important that you begin your makeup application with moisturizer in order to create a long-lasting look.
    • Moisturizer smooths out your skin, making it easier to apply other cosmetic products. It also prevents your skin from drying out and flaking off beneath your makeup.
    • Choose a product specifically designed to use on the face. These creams tend to be less oily and lighter, thereby reducing the risk of clogging your pores.
    • Use a moisturizer with SPF for protection against the sun.
    • Focus on areas that dry out the most, but note that moisturizer is most effective when a thin layer is applied over the entire face.
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    Use concealer as needed. Only apply concealer over areas of your face that need a little extra attention. For instance, if you have acne, acne scars, or heavy bags under your eyes, you can apply a little concealer to smooth out these areas.
    • Look for a creamy formula.
    • Use a concealer brush or sponge to apply small lines over the blemish or area needing concealer. Then, use your ring finger to gently blend it in.
    • Only use your ring finger since this finger naturally applies a lighter amount of presser than your other fingers.
    • Instead of choosing a shade lighter, as tradition suggests, opt for a shade that matches your skin tone for the most natural look.[1]
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    Use a translucent foundation. Use a large, soft cosmetic brush or applicator sponge to apply foundation over your entire face. Get as close to your hairline and chin as possible.
    • Choose a foundation that closely matches your skin tone.
    • A translucent powder will blend into your skin tone, creating a more natural look as a result.
    • Apply the foundation five or more minutes after moisturizing your skin. Powder foundation will absorb any oils, which will lead to longer-lasting makeup.[2]
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    Pick your blush wisely. Blushes are available as gels, liquids, cream cheek stains, and powders. Each has certain advantages.
    • Gel, liquid, and cream blushes have heavily concentrated pigments, so they last longer. Apply a small amount of these blushes to the apples of your cheeks and blend them in using your ring finger. These blushes should go on sheer, so you should be able to gradually intensify the color as desired.
    • Powder blushes fade as you wear them. If applying a powder, use a slightly brighter shade and draw an "x" of blush over the apple of each cheek using your applicator brush. The blush may look bright at first but will gradually fade into something more natural.
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    Swipe on an eye shadow base. Eye shadow bases, or primers, even out the pigmentation of your eyelid and make it easier for eyeshadows to last longer.
    • Apply the primer over the entire area between your eyebrow and upper lash line.
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    Layer on natural-looking eyeshadow. Use powder eyeshadows if you applied primer first. Otherwise, use creams.
    • Apply a base of skin tone eyeshadow over the entire eye area, brushing it on evenly from your eyebrow down to your lash line.
    • Swipe a deeper shade over the lid. Choose a fairly subdued shade for this area so that the lid stands out without looking too dramatic. A skin tone shade several shades darker than your own skin would work well, as would light grays.
    • Define the shape of your eye with a line of eyeshadow in your crease. Use a deep shade, like a deep brown, deep pink, or black. You could also use a shade that coordinates with your eye color, like a deep blue for blue eyes or a deep green for green eyes.
    • Widen your eyes with a little white eyeshadow. Brush on a fine dusting of white shadow at the outer corner of each eyebrow to open up the eye area.
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    Apply a little eyeliner. If you want a look that lasts well into the day, opt for a liquid or gel liner over a pencil.
    • Draw a thin line of eyeliner over the upper lash line. Avoid using liner on your lower lash line since doing so can make the eye seem smaller.
    • For daytime looks, use a slightly lighter and more natural shade of liner, like a gray or brown.
    • If using a pencil liner, trace over it with a matching eye shadow to improve its longevity. Use the pointed tip of a foam applicator stick to do this.
    • Pencil liners should also be "smudged" gently with a cotton swab so that they do not look too sharp or unnatural after application.
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    Use a bit of waterproof mascara. Just barely touch the wand to your upper lash line as you work so that the mascara goes on in quick-drying layers.
    • Also choose a lengthening formula and avoid cheap mascara known to clump up on your lashes.
    • You can apply the mascara to both your upper and lower lash lines, but for daytime looks, you may find that applying it only to the upper lash line creates a more subtle appearance.
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    Never underestimate the value of lip liner. Lip liner prolongs your lip color.
    • Choose a tone similar to the lipstick you plan on using.
    • Outline and fill in your lips using the lip liner. By applying the liner over your lips, you give the lipstick something to "hold" onto after you put it on.
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    Pick a subdued lip color. For daytime looks, choose a color only one or two shades richer than your natural lip color. Avoid bold or shimmery shades.
    • For best results, apply the lipstick with a brush instead of using the tube or using your fingers. Brushes let you apply the lipstick in lighter layers, thereby promoting a more natural look.

Method 3
Special Looks for Special Occasions and Nights Out

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    Balance your makeup. The trickiest aspect of evening and special occasion makeup is learning to create a look packed with drama without completely overdoing it.
    • As a general rule, focus on either your eyes or your lips. These two features are the areas that naturally attract the most attention, and creating a dramatic effect on either area can create a bold, attractive look for most occasions. If you try to accentuate both, however, these features look as though they are in competition for attention, making your overall look less appealing.[3]
    • Avoid using too much shimmer or glitter. Typically, you should only use it in one place. For instance, if you have metallic eyeshadow, avoid glitter powder on the cheeks or neckline.
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    Cover your blemishes with concealer. Dip a small, clean makeup brush in concealer and pat it over any dark circles and blemishes. Continue patting gently until the area has softened.
    • Do not rub the concealer into your skin.
    • If using your hands to apply the concealer, pat it with your ring finger.
    • Make sure that the concealer you choose closely matches your skin tone.
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    Apply a light foundation. Create a smooth, even complexion by smoothing on a sheer or translucent cream or liquid foundation.
    • Smooth the foundation on in a light layer and use it to cover your face as evenly as possible.
    • Sheer foundations do not usually have many color options since they are formulated to blend into your skin instead of covering it, but if the brand you choose does offer numerous shades, choose the shade closest to your natural skin tone.
    • For best results, use a liquid foundation that also includes a moisturizer to hydrate your skin as you smooth it out.
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    Dust on a little powder, if desired. Before the foundation dries, you can use a clean powder brush to dust a little loose, translucent powder over your complexion.
    • Only apply a light layer. The idea is to finish smoothing your complexion, not to create a mask of cosmetics.
    • If you accidentally used too much, use your brush to dust the excess off or use a clean powder sponge to wipe it away.[4]
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    Use bronzer or blush. Use a cream or powder product several shades darker than your natural skin tone to add a subtle hint of drama to your look. Bronzer gives you a "sun kissed" look, while blush creates a rosy glow.
    • Do not choose a shade darker than the skin at your chest or neck.
    • Use an applicator sponge to gradually work layers of bronzer or blush over the apples of your cheeks.
    • You can also apply bronzer down your nose and across the brow bone to help balance your features.
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    Add your eyeshadow on in layers. No matter what colors you choose to use, the best way to apply evening eyeshadow is to do so in layers, thereby allowing the colors to blend together.
    • If applying creamy eyeshadows, use the tip of your ring finger instead of an applicator wand.
    • Use a neutral color that closely matches your skin tone over the entire lid, from the upper lash line all the way up to the brow bone.
    • Cover your lid, from the upper lash line to the crease, with a matte gray or brown eyeshadow in a rich shade.
    • Apply a deep purple eyeshadow over the upper eyelid. Purple creates a smokey look and flatters nearly everyone.
    • Use your finger or an ear stick to fade the brown, gray, and purple layers near the outer edge.
    • Note that you can substitute the brown, gray, or purple with your own color choices.
    • Apply a white, cream, or other light eyeshadow just below your eyebrow to open up your eyes.
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    Define your eyes using eyeliner. Use a black eyeliner pencil or liquid wand to apply a thin line to the upper lid along the lash line.
    • Hold your eyelid taut as your work.
    • Draw dashes along your lash line instead of drawing a solid line.[5]
    • Use an eyeliner brush or cotton swab to smudge the dashes together.
    • Create a contour by slightly extending the line up as you reach the outer corner.
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    Brush mascara over your lashes. Apply black mascara over your upper and lower lashes, curling them outward using the applicator wand as you apply the color.
    • You can apply up to two coats.
    • Select a waterproof mascara that lengthens the eyelash.
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    Consider using a brow pencil. If you have uneven gaps in your eyebrows, fill the missing space in using a brow powder or pencil.
    • Never draw a straight line across your brow bone using the pencil.
    • To apply the pencil correctly, choose a color that matches the shade of your eyebrow hair (usually a shade or two darker than your hair color), and draw in short, diagonal strokes to mimic the look of eyebrow hair.
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    Fill your lips in with lip liner. Use a lip liner that closely resembles the color of your lipstick to define the outline of your lips.
    • Color your lips in with this liner to improve the lifespan of your lipstick, as well.
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    Apply lipstick. You can usually get away with deeper shades for evening looks.
    • If you usually wear a light pink lipstick, consider a shade closer to hot pink or rose. Similarly, if you usually wear a muted red, choose a shade closer to fire engine red or deep mauve.
    • Note, however, that you should still stick with a subdued lipstick color if you decide to glam up your eyes.
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    Complete your look with a clear lip gloss. No matter what lipstick you choose, a clear gloss can make your lips look healthier and fuller.[6]
    • Apply a light coating of the gloss over your lipstick.
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Things You'll Need

  • Mirror
  • Concealer
  • BB cream
  • Foundation
  • Blush or bronzer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Eyebrow pencil
  • Moisturizer
  • Applicator brushes, wands, and sponges
  • Powder brush

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