How to Do Your Homework in Time

Having a problem with finishing your homework on time because you just can't find time at all? Here's the solution.


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    When you get given homework, it is important that you at least get some of it done on the night it's given to you. Do the most important homework first, followed by the homework that isn't so important (etc. homework that has to be handed in tomorrow should be done first, followed by homework that's supposed to be handed in next week.)
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    You should make a homework planner on Powerpoint or Microsoft Task Launcher. The best planner is a notebook, but it is fine if you prefer to do it on a computer using Microsoft Powerpoint or Microsoft Task Launcher as you can save your planner on the computer.
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    Create a homework group. Note that this does not work for everyone. Choose friends who want to study or do their homework, and do not want to meet up just to chit chat. Then, get down to business and finish it together. Do not copy homework. Just work in a group and ask if you do not know.
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    Go to your school library and do it at lunchtime. If you manage to finish all your homework before you go home, you have the whole afternoon, evening and night free. You can also do it during free period, or in some occasions, when the teacher gives you free time to do it. Do not use this time to talk to your friends.
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    Talk to someone. It is best that you talk to a teacher or your parents for advice on how to do homework. They were students so they should know how to cope.
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    Speak to the teacher who gave you that piece of homework. If the homework given is too much, you can ask for an extension. However, if you feel that you can do it on time, then there is no need to do such a thing.
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    Do it immediately when you come home. Take a shower and do it immediately so that you won't have to suffer when it's nighttime, and you can't focus if you're doing your homework at 12AM.
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    Do not watch TV or reply to text messages when doing your homework. They are distracting. Also, do not surf the Internet. Steer clear of all these when doing your homework so you can finish it earlier. Remember, you can always do all of it after your homework is done.


  • Finish your homework before 10PM so you can sleep early and have a fresh mind the next day at school.
  • Never copy homework! Even if you don't finish it, you can always tell the teacher instead of copying all the work before the next period. It is better to be honest than to feel guilty.

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