How to Do Yoga Against Anxiety

Fears are part of our time. Many people have fears. Anxiety is caused by work pressure, violence and movies on TV. Yoga can help to overcome fears by relieving inner tensions, calming the mind and generate positive thoughts. Yoga gives us the strength to overcome anxiety provoking situations. Yoga makes us inwardly and outwardly strong. If you get enlightened, all fears vanish. Face it.


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    Lie on your back and put your feet on the bottom near the butt. Your knees are upright. The head is on the earth. Pound your fists on the ground and stomp your anger alternately with your feet in the ground. Solve all the pent-up anger. To whom or what are you angry today?
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    Knock a minute dynamic with the butt up and down on the ground. Work all your stress and aggressions out. Focus on your body. Lift the butt while knocking so much in the air, that you resolve the tensions in the upper body.
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    Put in the supine position your arms around the head and press the pelvis as much as possible upwards. The shoulders and the head rest on the floor. Make large circles with your pelvis in the air. First ten times left and then ten times right around. Visualize water and think the mantra "Water".
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    Go into the candle, straighten both legs to the sky and support you with your hands at the back. Breathe one minute relaxed into the body.
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    Roll out of the candle into the heel seat (or cross legged). Stretch your arms to the sky. Breathe in. Then bow before you and put the hands on the floor. Breathe out. Do this exercise several times and count the numbers 1 to 20 in the body.
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    In your meditation seat move a hand in blessing and think, "I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy." Then think the mantra "Light" and send light a) to your friends b) to your enemies c) to yourself. Massage the light into your body.
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    Sit in the meditation position (cross-legged or heel seat) and put the hands in the lap. The back is straight and the belly relaxed. Stop one minute every thought. Then remain in meditation, thoughts can come and go as they please. All feelings of anger, fear and grief appear and dissolve by themselves.
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    Forward with optimism.


  • There was once a man who was very frightened. He wanted to overcome his fear. So he went to an enlightened Master and asked his advice. The Master advised the man to become a yogi and to disband his neurotic anxiety with his spiritual exercises.
  • Third advice: Ask the great Masters (God) for help. Then think about the problem and go with endurance the path of your personal wisdom.
  • Second advice: Sacrifice the ego. Unchangeable things we have to accept as they are. We have to let go of our false wishes. All fears are only mental constructs based on an exaggerated rejection. Who sacrifices himself into the center of his fear, triggers the fear by this. It is the best to hand over yourself to the will of life (God). Who can let go of his ego, can flow positive through all suffering.
  • The yogi looked closely at his problems. Jackals just howl and don't bite. Snakes only bite when they feel attacked. When a yogi is careful and moves slowly the snakes will do him nothing. Only tigers eat people, but it is rare. It is the best to go such a tiger out of the way. And if that is not possible, a yogi sacrifices his ego, takes the situation, and continues practicing Yoga in the next life. The Yogi went his way with courage and perseverance. And one day he was enlightened, and all the fear was gone.
  • First advice: Look closely at every fear. Who closely looks at frightening situations can optimally protect himself. Fear is caused by negative thoughts. Fear thoughts can be overcome with the eight major techniques: reflecting (alone or talking with another person), mantra (thinking a positive word), thought-stopping, acting wisely, doing something good, walking, yoga or meditating (resting in inner happiness and let all thoughts come and go). Who exactly looks at his fear, finds his negative thought and can dissolve it with an appropriate positive thought.
  • The man pulled into a lonely hut in a large forest. In the forest, there were tigers, snakes and jackals. The yogi feared all. Therefore he read in his clever yogi book what a yogi has to do in such a case.


  • Go to a therapist, if you have great fears. Make a cognitive-behavioral therapy.

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