How to Do Well in Art Class

Some students might be taking Art as their elective just because it is an "easy A". In high school (especially in the IB Program), Art class gets more demanding and rigorous. Now, not only do we need to have to be artistic, but more importantly we need to follow circumstantial directions given by the instructor, be comfortable with your artistic talent, and know how to write a specific and detailed reflection. Students must know that to achieve success in this class, you do not need to depend on you artistic gifts alone, in fact, this guide can provide you with the information on how to pass art class even if you are completely left brained and your artistic levels can not surpass the levels of stick figures.


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    Arrive on time.
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    Show your teacher that you care, keep your work organized and show respect.
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    Work diligently and attentively on your project of the moment.
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    Do not wait until the last minute to do your reflection, you will later regret and forget the information you needed to write it, make sure you have all of the key concepts in the paragraph and that you followed directions carefully.
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    Do your best. If you are artistic and can create your own Mona Lisa, do it... if not, do not worry because you will get credit for trying your best, even if it is the best head in stilts that you have ever created.
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    Write your reflection. It is a big part of your grade so make it count. Include the elements of design and use as much art vocabulary as possible. If your painting, still life sketch, or whatever you are working on is totally grotesque and should not be seen by the public, the reflection may save your grade on your project.
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    Read the assigned readings in the art textbook. Pay attention to the details and descriptions.
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    Keep your notebook organized. Number each page and put the correct heading which is the date and title.
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    Clean up your area after you are finished. This will help you score extra points with your teacher and it will give you a sense of security and completion.
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    Have fun with your projects!


  • When the teachers is explaining an assignment, always listen attentively.
  • Turn quality work in on time and keep it consistent.
  • Do all the assigned work with maximum effort, do not try half hearty because it is guaranteed that your teacher will notice.
  • Participate in all activities.
  • Clean up your area properly and handle all materials (i.e. paint, brushes etc.) with care.
  • Try your best even if that best is not the best in the class.
  • Ask your peers for feedback on your product when completing the reflection for an assignment (such as a painting).
  • Make-up all missed assignments.
  • Bring necessary materials.
  • Ask the teacher for help if needed.


  • Don't wait till the last minute to start cleaning up materials. Start cleaning up 5 minutes prior to class dismissal so you have enough time to stow everything away and gather your belongings.
  • Don't forget your notebook at home and if you are a forgetful person then leave it in the classroom if your teacher permits it.
  • While working on your assignment, don't goof off or talk too much because the teacher might notice and that will affect your full-participation grade.
  • Don't hand in a reflection until you make sure to double-check the checklist requirements that need to be included.
  • Don't wait to complete the reflections on your assignment at the last minute because you want to analyze it right after you complete it so it is fresh in your mind.

Things You'll Need

  • Art class
  • Organized Notebook
  • Positive Attitude
  • The Strive to Work Hard
  • Determination
  • Confidence

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