How to Do the Impossible

Do you have an ambition you truly believe you can achieve? Do you think others don't share your belief? Don't allow yourself to burdened by the disbelief of others. One of the greatest pleasures in life is achieving something that others don't think you can do. If you're tenacious and empowered, you will succeed. Read on from step one for how.


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    Start by believing in yourself. It may seem cliched, but it is the truth. Think of all the great people who changed the world because they started believing in themselves: Martin Luther King Jr, Hayao Miyazaki, Kerli Koiv, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Nat King Cole, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Oprah Winfrey and many others! How did they change the world? Through self-belief and self-assurance.
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    Create your plan. Type, write, text; it doesn't matter how you write it, just as long as you create a detailed enough plan, made up of long term goals and the baby steps you will take to achieve them.
    • For instance, say you would like to save $800 for a pair of jeans, a purse or a Cosplay. Start by saving $20, then increase that $30 and move up from there. Using small goals which you can achieve in a short period of time will make a big goal seem more achievable. Apply these baby steps to whatever you choose and you can do which may seem impossible!
    • There are going to be changes in your life so be prepared to change and tweak the plan to fit your life as it evolves and morphs into something you create, something which is (if you choose it to be) something amazing and fulfilling!
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    Be ready for opportunities. Once your mindset starts changing, unexpected doors will open for you! You need to be ready for the new opportunities that are going to be presented. They will come if you believe they will.
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    Remember: with greater power comes even greater responsibility. Stan Lee knew in his gut that, with the success of Spiderman, he had a self-respecting and societal responsibility to not only inspire others with his new superhero but to teach valuable lessons to the teens at the time.
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    Trust in yourself. Truly trust who you are. Know who you are and who want you to be. You have the power to become the person you truly desire and yearn to be in the deepest secrets of your soul. Don't do you dare disagree, because if you've read this far, it's likely you already have a clear idea of the person that you want to be!
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    Fight for what you believe in, no matter how frightening it may seem. If you don't stand up for what you believe in, no one else will. You have this as a responsibility. If you know this already, if you believe in what you love and trust in who you are, then when those people who come to hate on or dispute your truths, you must gracefully, honestly and respectfully tell people what you believe, why you trust yourself, and why they should either leave you alone or be more respectful of your beliefs.
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    Fighting does not mean violence! Yes, we see it all over the media, but we don't need to resort to violence and cruelty in order to fight for our beliefs. Simply be careful with who you are around and if you have to delete people from your life, do so; it is a much more peaceful way to deal with them than to abuse them, verbally, emotionally or physically. You should not resort to violence unless you're in a truly dangerous situation.
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    Be charitable. The more love you give to those who are positive and inspiring to you, the more love, positivity and inspiration you will receive in return. Whether it's tithing in church, helping out a soup kitchen or just calling a friend to wish them well, you are helping yourself by helping others!
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    Don't be manipulated! There are many, many people who will try to manipulate you and stop you from achieving your dreams. The key to handling these "impossible" people is to either delete them all together, keep a safe distance or simply avoid them until they get the message. There's no need to be argumentative, cruel or violent.
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    Be supportive of others! If you support others with similar goals, they will support you! If you have the right amount of good energy around you, you will start to see your life changing for something so much greater than yourself and your circumstances.
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    Find someone who inspires you, whether it's your parents, teachers, friends, a celebrity or even a fictional character! You can choose whoever you like if they inspire you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. Research them, learn from them and let them guide you in your own fascinating journey!
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    "Be Bold, Break The Mold!"! Say it proudly, because you are you. You can always become a greater version of yourself, but don't try to be someone else; because then you'll never know what you truly like, want and aspire to be. So find your passion, your meaning and what makes your heart flutter with divine warmth! Use this knowledge to break out from whatever molds the world, society, cruel friends etc. have placed on you.
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    You've got the power! Last and one of the most important, second only to believing in yourself! Remember, you have much more power than you'll ever realize; unless you choose to begin to see it and understand your true potential! There are plenty of articles on WikiHow, on how to find your true potential and achieve it. The second step is realizing and allowing yourself to feel that strength, power and hopefulness! Don't forgot those two things; you have the power and you have yourself, truly the best two things you could ever have. Now go change the world, do the impossible and make believers out of the fearful ones.


  • Do not become greedy, rude, violent, cocky or disrespectful to anyone - not yourself nor those you care about nor your enemies.
  • Never let your power go to your head.
  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes and find new ways of making things happen.
  • Don't ever get greedy.
  • Experiment safely with your creativity.
  • Trust in your purpose.
  • Remain humble, graceful, gentlemanly, loving, and peaceful.

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