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Three Parts:Preparing yourself for tryoutsDoing tryouts as best as you canDealing with the announcements

Do you want to be a cheerleader? If so, you have to go through something that every past, present, and future cheerleader has to do. Make it through tryouts. If you want to do your best at cheerleading tryouts, fire up the crowds and jump and cheer with your friends, you'll find some helpful hints in this article.

Part 1
Preparing yourself for tryouts

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    Find out when the tryouts are, then you need to find out the requirements!
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    Practice. Once you know the requirements then you can start practicing. Warm up first––you always need to start with stretching.
    • Practice your skills in front of your family until you're sure everything is perfect.
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    • Try recording yourself doing the cheers/dances. Play the video back and fix all possible flaws. This helps a lot.
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    Perfect any special techniques. If you have a back handspring or anything like that make sure you have it to the best you can do. This makes for a better tryouts!
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    Go to the clinics to do trial tryouts. Make sure to listen and pay attention, because the coach will be watching at all times.
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    Start a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water in place of sugary drinks, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and exercise regularly.
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    Go to bed early and get lots of sleep the night before. When you wake up, eat a healthy breakfast then go to the tryouts!

Part 2
Doing tryouts as best as you can

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    Have a positive attitude and smile all the time during tryouts. Don't be nervous, there's nothing to worry about and the coaches aren't going to make you do anything high level, especially for your first tryout.
    • The judges will think you are not having fun at all if you don't smile. They don't want a gloomy face on the squad––they want to see that although you're taking it seriously, you also know how to make light of it and have some fun.
    • Display lots of spirit!
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    Be sharp with your movements. It's great if you can place them, but it doesn't have to be perfect. The point is that no one wants to see them sloppy and all over the place. Hit your motions and be tight; squeeze every muscle, but not so hard that you are trembling.
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    Be loud with chanting. Don't draw your words out. Don't say, Goooo Caaats! Say, Go! Cats!
    • Don't count out loud. If you do, they think you haven't learned it very well, and it does get annoying.
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    Maintain eye contact with the coaches. This allows you to show that you will do the same for the audience and make each member watching feel special.

Part 3
Dealing with the announcements

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    Wait patiently and have faith. When it's time to find out if you made it, just relax. If you end up making the team then congratulations! But if you didn't, don't worry about it, keep up those skills and you will be better then ever for next season!
    • Don't be disappointed if you don't make the squad. Try again next year, and make the coach remember you with all your strengths!


  • Point your toes during your jumps. Always.
  • Listen carefully and try to be confident.
  • Bring a friend to tryouts; it might make you feel better.
  • If you're nervous, just take deep breaths and try to drink water. Nerves are there to test your will power.
  • If you can, bring the music to the tryout dance with you, that way you and other girls can practice before while waiting to tryout.


  • If you make it but your friend didn't, don't talk about it unless she brings it up, and even then, be nice about it. Don't ditch her for your cheerleading friends, don't exclude her, and don't gossip about her behind her back. The key is to just think how you would feel if the tables were turned.
  • Not stretching beforehand can result in serious injury.
  • Being mean and starting fights after you made it is a great way to make sure that you don't make it the next year, so don't abuse your new position. Never ever do that, because you will never make the team if you do.
  • Doing tumbles, stunts, etc., the day before tryouts might put you at risk of injuring yourself.
  • Just because you're a cheerleader doesn't mean you will get all the guys and become really popular. That's only in the movies, and it's really not true.
  • Don't pout and be depressed if you don't make it, just get over it and practice for next year. The judges are keen to observe how you take it and try to make a comeback. If you keep trying, they'll know you really do want it.

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