How to Do Stretching Exercises in Soccer

Soccer is arguably one of the most dynamic and energy intensive sport in the world. It requires players to use slow and fast twitch muscle fibers for an extended period of time. The muscles must be properly warmed up using dynamic stretches to ensure they can perform at their best.


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    Mark out an area 15-25 yards (many teams use the height of 18-yard box)
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    Jog out and back twice
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    Do each of these out:
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    shuffle (facing both ways), carioca (facing both ways), diagonal shuffle, bound (as if you were leaving from rock to rock), high knees, butt kicks, skipping, headers, leap off one foot (alternate feet)
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    Do each of these back:
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    straight high kicks, sideways high kicks, open the gate (leg brought from the outside to inside - imagine stepping over something), close the gate (the opposite, inside to outside), lunge then calf stretch (lean back and touch toe), pull the knee up, pull the foot up (do not do if causes any stress on knee) backwards kicks (walking backwards)
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    End with jog halfway then sprint; jog a quarter, then sprint; spring entire distance. Stretch additional muscles as needed.


  • As a team, try to do it in unison, it looks very clean
  • Ensure knees are inline with ankles and hips
  • Take it slow, if you don't feel warm after jogging, repeat until you do so
  • Always keep your knee bent


  • If doing as a team, ensure there is correct spacing, especially for backward kicks
  • if anything becomes irritated, immediately stop exercise and move to the next one

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