How to Do Spy Work

Have you seen a James Bond movie or read Harriet the Spy:Blog Wars and think you can be a spy too so you've been looking all day on some good information and can't find anything? Just follow this article.


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    Learn how to sneak around. Stay near the edges of walls; they creak less. Walk slowly and carefully, and don't knock things over when you're trying to be quiet. When following someone, walk on the other side of the street a good ways behind. That way, they won't notice you.
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    Learn how to lip read. Lip reading is an important spy skill. It's easier to pick up people's conversations this way because you don't need to be very close. To learn to lip read, pay attention to the way people's mouths move when they're talking when you can hear them. Or, maybe check out this article, on How to Read Lips
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    Have disguises ready with you. If you're following someone, they may notice you and become suspicious of you. so what do you do? You turn into someone else. Simply changing your coat and putting on a wig can change the way you look. Make sure they're good disguises if you're serious about this. In order to use them, you need to find a place where you're concealed to duck into quickly, and change into your disguise. If you can, carry multiple disguises, and/or combine your different wigs and coats from your different disguises to make a new one.
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    Carry a book or newspaper. A book can be used to cover your face, but only if it's big enough. If you can't find a book, find a newspaper. It also serves as a disguise. For example, let's say you followed someone to a coffee shop. If you just sat, alone, at a table, you would look suspicious. But, if you have a book with you, you've simply come to the coffee shop to find a relaxing place to read.
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    Learn a code. All spies know codes! You can make up your own or get one from the Internet (from Wikihow for example? There's lots of good codes to learn on here.)
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    Learn some martial arts. All spies can do cool martial arts moves. Learn how to do basic blocks and punches, and some fancy kicks. You'll need to sign up for some form of martial arts at your local martial arts studio.
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    Improve your memory. A person with a good memory can memorize license plates, codes, conversations, etc. This is an important spy skill. There are lots of exercises to try out in How to Improve Your Memory
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    Practice spying. Pretend you're doing something, but are really your listening in on a conversation. You may only want to do this on close friends and family, as they might think it's funny, while complete strangers will not.
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    Have a spy kit. For example: an invisible ink pen, a voice recorder, your disguises, your book, a notebook and a pencil. Add whatever you need to your spy kit. Take time to think about what will really come in handy while spying.

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