How to Do Spy Missions

Have you ever wanted to go on a spy mission but don't know how? These few steps will have you doing missions every day.


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    Be prepared. You need an objective, what do you want to do or accomplish. Maybe you want to see if someone really lives in the spooky house down the street or find out what really goes on outside at night. You will need to gather your things- bring what you think that you will need, not what you think you'll want -and put them in a book bag or a something that you can strap on that won't fall off. You will need to train for what you think that you might need to be able to do- vaults, climbing, and crawling are all good examples-. Finally you will need an alibi of why you are there in case you get caught.
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    Wear clothes that blend into your environment. Wear jeans and a hoodie for the day and maybe some darker clothes at night. When you get into where you need to be to spy make sure no one can see you, or else they will come over and drag you down to the police station.
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    Write down all the information that you can gather about the person or place you are spying on.
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    Refer to people as the Subjects the place as the Location and yourself as the Operative or Spy or Agent or whatever. This will reduce the chances of you getting caught because your real name is not used. If you can take pictures or voice recordings.
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    Leave the Location in as good a shape as you found it, and make everything look untouched. When the coast is clear leave quickly and quietly. If possible leave under that cover of darkness.
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    Have a hideout. Pick a place to keep all of your data and everything you collect in one place.
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    If you want get a partner. Doing spy missions is much more fun with 2 people. So ask 1 of you best friends if they want to join you, and now you can do more missions that require 2 people.


  • Don't run from or fight the police.
  • Always apologize if you get caught whether it's your fault or not.
  • Always tell someone that you are out or leave a note so that they don't file a missing persons report on you.
  • Don't do anything illegal.


  • Be sure to only enter someone's home with a permit or permission by owner. If not, you could be in huge trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • notebook
  • bookbag
  • an alibi
  • spy gear
  • pen
  • a place to put all of your things
  • get everything you and your partner need for you spy mission

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