How to Do Skimboard Tricks

Here you will learn how to do a few easy Skimboard tricks that you will be able to have down in a few hours!


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    Pop shove-it. One of the main simple tricks. So first you get onto your board get your back foot on the back of the board and your front foot a little closer to the middle than you use your back foot to move or "kick" the board sideways as you are in the air and when you are about to land it make sure the back of the board is in front to make it a full pop shove-it
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    Ollie. Run and get on your board and when you get going fast enough you need to kind of push or "kick" down on the back of your board not too hard but hard enough to get air and lift your front foot as you kick down on the back.
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    Spin moves. Get going really fast on your board bend down slightly and put your fingers in the water barely touching the ground and use your fingers to push off the ground and twist your body as if trying to spin on a wakeboard or a skateboard etc. than you will be spinning doing 180s and 360s. NOTE* this trick does not require you to spin in the air it is just a ground spin.


  • You need to be able to run if you want to do this sport or these tricks.
  • Don't be afraid to fall everyone does it and you'll never learn if you don't fall and get back up.
  • Make sure you are warmed up before you skimboard, you could hurt yourself if you are not stretched.


  • If you are going to attempt these tricks at a river or an ocean be careful when you are near debris you could fall on it and injure yourself badly.Before riding, see if the ocean is safe.

Things You'll Need

  • A Skimboard (Foamie or Wood it doesn't matter)
  • Wax (for your Skimboard)

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