How to Do Shoulder Exercises in Yoga

Three Methods:Warm-UpHigh IntensityCool Down

These exercises engage your shoulder muscles using a variety of poses and movements.

Method 1

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    Do the crescent moon pose to warm yourself up. By doing this pose early on you'll be able to loosen up the muscles of your legs, arms, and shoulders so that you'll have good stamina and balance for the rest of your workout. Be careful not to round your side that is opposite your lifted arm too much. Instead, imagine a beach ball between your hips and your arm, and you are bending around it from the opposite side to keep it still.
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    Do the upward facing dog pose. This will stretch and strengthen the muscles of your torso, arms, and wrists in addition to your shoulders and back. Remember to focus on your breathing as you complete this warm up exercise; inhale for 6 counts and then exhale completely for 6 counts before you begin your next breath.

Method 2
High Intensity

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    Do the gate pose. The gate pose is perfect for improving your lung capacity and the pliancy of your shoulders. As you start the gate pose, remember to look up at your elevated arm for maximum engagement of the shoulders. Looking upward will ensure that your shoulders are completely flexed away from your body, and therefore strengthened to their maximum potential.
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    Do the upward facing bow pose. You'll be employing every muscle in your body in this challenging pose to enhance the state of your chest, back, and shoulders respectively. While you push your chest upward, remember to flex your glutes so that your body stays completely poised and stretched.

Method 3
Cool Down

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    Do the tiptoe pose. Another slightly difficult pose, especially for those with poor balance, the tiptoe pose requires use of both the upper and lower body to open up the shoulders and chest. If you have trouble keeping balanced in this pose, remember to push your hands together in prayer position, because your hands are the center of balance in this pose.
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    Do the seated forward bend pose to finish off your workout. Somewhat similar to the upward facing dog pose, this pose orients you so that your arms reach out and effectively elongate your shoulder blades. Focus on your breathing, inhaling as you push forward and exhaling as you come out of the pose. While in the position, short inhalations through your nose are best.


  • Try taking short stretching breaks in between each exercise. This is a long workout, and stretching will make it much easier to complete.
  • The benefits of these exercises are increased strength and flexibility in your shoulder muscles.


  • Potential injuries that may be incurred if these exercises are performed incorrectly are shoulder strains.

Things You Need

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