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Have you ever felt the need of reworking on your photography skills? At times, when people go through some of their old snapshots, they realize that they might have clicked them in much better ways. It is also quite disappointing when someone asks to take a picture and you end up disappointing the person with a bad portrait image. For taking good pictures, it is not necessary to have expensive camera, artificial lights and photo gears to create a favorable atmosphere. You just need right skills, proper utilization of the device along with attention paid to direction of lighting and you are ready to go.


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    Focusing on Subject. – Photography is a thoughtful process combined with technical skills such as using the right frame, lenses and direction of light. The main concern in portrait photography is the ‘subject’. Until you realize the fact that it is the subject that matters, not the photographer, you will not be able to get perfect click from your camera. If you want to state this point as a rule, it might not be wrong. Leading professional photographers shared their experience with us and in the end concluded that portrait image is all about making your subject feel comfortable. There should be good chemistry and synchronization between the two. It is not at all about the photographer. Subject often feel uncomfortable while facing camera, it is your objective to ease them. Along with that cooperation between photographer and subject is also very important.
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    Direction of light. – You have to be a little more careful about the lighting. If you are going to shoot portrait on a bright sunny day, it could be a little difficult for the subject to focus on the camera. The idea of this kind of photography is to make them feel comfortable. You can use reflectors in order to fill the shadow underneath their eyes. If you are going to shoot indoors, try to combine outdoor light with the camera flash lights. It will give an amazing effect.
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    Choosing Location. – A number of beginners ignore location while focusing entirely on their subject. Location for a subject must be neutral. It should neither be too loud nor too dull. A big open space would serve as a perfect background for portraits. If you don’t have one, you can ask your subject to choose location themselves after all it’s all about them! It will make them feel comfortable and help you in clicking right shots.
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    Using Props. – Instead of appealing your subject to look directly into the camera, you can give them a prop and ask them to get engage with it. It gives you spontaneity factor. While they will be engaged with their prop, you will do amazing rounds of clicking some beautiful pictures of our subject.
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    Posing Tips. – You can either ask your subject to look into camera and click their photos or leave it on them to pose differently. You can always suggest them how to pose. You can take different shots out from one single pose. Medium shots, full body shots or close up shots; any of these shots your subject likes.

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