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Today's professional life in the office is notably pressured––relentless noise, constant sitting, many interruptions and urgent deadlines all lend themselves to stress and strain. While you may dream of escaping for good, a more realistic approach is to find ways to cope that ease your feelings of stress and allow you to feel happier in the workplace. And one such way of achieving this is to perform Office Yoga, a way to preserve your health and increase your inner happiness, all while at the office.

Note: This article assumes that you're seated at your desk.


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    Put your hands together. Turn the palms upward and facing outside. Then, stretch your hands comfortably over your head. Keep your hands above your head and breathe deeply several times, inhaling in and exhaling out.
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    Stretch the right and left sides of your body. Continue to hold your hands over your head. Breathe several times, while stretching each side of your body.
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    Continue to hold your outstretched hands above your head. Turn your spine gently several times to the right, then to the left.
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    Lay your hands on your shoulders. Circle your elbows energetically. Feel how much good this is doing––it will help to alleviate the tension in your shoulders and neck. Make both small and large circles.
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    Lay your hands on your legs. Stretch your head backwards, first to the right side, then to the left side. Let your head hang forward. Each time, breathe gently, inhaling in and exhaling out rhythmically.
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    Rub your eyes and face, just gently, so that you can see clearly again. Visualize a color of healing (such as purple or blue). Visualize massaging this color from head to foot down your body.
    • What is your healing color today? Think of the name of your color as a mantra: "orange, blue, gold, pink ...".
    • Then, imagine bowing down and rubbing the ground.
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    Put your hands in your lap. Think the mantra: "I am a Buddha (Shiva, Goddess) of the rest. I live in the rest. I go the way of rest." Then, move your hand in blessing and think: "I send light to (name). May all people be happy. May the world be happy."
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    Rub your feet on the ground. Visualize yourself as a tree with its roots, trunk, leaves and crown. Then, think as a mantra: "Tree." Let the roots grow deep into the earth and think your mantra until you are well rooted in the earth. A little bird comes flying, sits on the tree and gives you a positive sentence. What is your bird? What does he say to you?


  • With many potential sources of stress coming at you in the workplace, a daily health and relaxation program is essential. The law of life is relentless. Who does not care for his body has not very long to gain anything from it. A well maintained car lasts twice as long as a badly treated car. A human body can live 20 to 30 years longer if it is properly fed, sufficiently relaxed and has moved well daily. The person who wants to live healthily, must first make a clear decision. Only this gives you the self-discipline for a healthy life. Clearly define your health goals and create a strong will to do the necessary things. Only then man will you have the strength to live a long healthy and positive life.

    Second, look closely at your life situation. Recognize what your body and mind truly need. Consider how to organize your life so that you maintain your health long-term and increase your happiness. Create a clear daily schedule of sport, relaxation and a healthy diet.

    Third, implement your health care plan at least two months every day consistently. That way, your mind gets used to it. The daily health practices are then part of your life.


  • Too much stress is one of the main problems of today's professional life. A person who is constantly under great stress is harming his or her health and inner happiness long-term. Stress causes us to become mentally negative, weak and if not dealt with, it will often plague the rest of our lives, inducing various diseases and poor health conditions. Every working person has a personal responsibility to do enough exercises every day for the sake of his or her body and soul. Those who do not learn to deal with stress cleverly, will quickly consume their life energy.

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