How to Do Laundry With a Large Family

Laundry - the most hated word of any mother with more than one kid. Okay most people are fond of it but when you have a large number of kiddos it becomes a major challenge quickly. Here are some hints to help.


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    Label the clothes! There is nothing worse at 6:30 a.m. than to realize you have someone else's pants when you thought yours were hanging up - other than a child with sensory issues freaking out because you have HIS stuff. You can get labels for all the kids clothes.
    • You can sew threads, use permanent markers, etc. Labels with names are much easier than remembering who has 3 dots or use orange thread. A quick Google search will bring up many different companies. As soon as new clothes come in they are labeled.
    • It also makes it a lot easier for the kids to help sort, fold and put clothes away.
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    Have one style of socks, but in different colors. Socks - If you have a bunch of teen boys buy one type of white sock, one type of black and buy lots of them.
    • Put all the whites in one container, the black socks in another, and let them have at it.
    • Make sure you write down what brand they are - when they get lost or torn up you can just keep adding more of the same type as needed. Much less confusion.
    • Dress socks are also bought in multiples but put in a separate container.
    • Girls prefer more variety and lingerie bags are good for their special socks. Day to day socks are usually better bought in multiples so when one gets lost the other is still usable.
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    Who does the laundry. The big debate - should the kids do their own or should the family combine all their laundry and do it daily?
    • Both have benefits and downsides. If you have a lot of money and you kids aren't growing like crazy then having them do their own laundry is great. It teaches responsibility.
    • However if they need something (say a uniform for sports) more than once a week or they are shooting through sizes like a rocket than buying enough clothes to have them do their laundry once a week might be a challenge.
    • Time is also an issue - if your kids are in school and you don't want to spend every weekend having them do laundry you are probably going to have to help.
    • The community washing issue also has its benefits and downsides. You set a number of loads - in our house 1 dark, 1 white, 1 kitchen towels, and 1 other. That's all you do. If little Timmy didn't get his uniform in the hamper before you finished that load little Timmy is stuck until you are finished for the day.
      • That also teaches planning and responsibility but can lead to fireworks.

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