How to Do Homework in Class

Three Methods:Keeping Your Homework HiddenVisiting The RestroomGetting Homework Done On Time

Forgetting to do a homework assignment is something that most of us have done. While it's not an ideal situation, you can still try to work on the homework assignment during another class. However, keep in mind that most teachers won't allow you to do this. You will need to be careful and avoid getting caught while you work to finish your homework.

Method 1
Keeping Your Homework Hidden

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    Sit away from the teacher. Sitting too close to the teacher or the front of the class can increase your chances of getting caught. It's better to sit towards the back of the class to minimize your chances of being noticed. It can also help to sit near other people, allowing you to blend in better.
    • The closer you are to your teacher, the harder it will be to hide your homework.
    • Think about where your teacher usually walks during class and try to sit away from them.
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    Get your materials out. When you come into class and sit down, you will want to get both the current class material out and the homework that you need to finish. Having both of these out will help you work on your homework, while making it look like you are taking notes. Try keeping your homework hidden in a notebook or textbook.
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    Take a few notes for the current class. It can be a good idea to take a few notes for the class you are in, before moving onto your homework. Adding these notes can make it look like you are paying attention and doing the class work, even though you're working on your homework. You might also try occasionally taking a few notes during class to keep this impression strong.
    • Have your regular class book and material out on top of your desk.
    • Try to make it look like your focus is the current class material.
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    Start working on your homework. Once you've taken a few notes, you can begin to work on your homework. Get your homework out and place it on your desk in a way that allows you to easily hide it again. Work on your homework for a few minutes before switching back to taking a few more notes for your current class.
    • Keep an eye out for your teacher. You may need to hide your homework quickly.
    • Don't get too involved with your homework. Remember, you are trying to look like you are just taking a few notes.
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    Be ready to hide your homework. You may need to hide your homework at any moment. You might try casually shuffling papers, pretending to get a new page of notes started. Maybe you can subtly slip your homework away, putting it under your current classwork. Whatever method you choose, practice and be ready for hiding your homework quickly and casually.
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    Don't look too distracted. Although you need to focus on getting your homework done, focusing too intently can be a giveaway. If you are not paying enough attention to your class, your teacher may notice this and investigate. Take occasional breaks to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself and getting caught.
    • Put your homework away and pay attention to the teacher for a few minutes.
    • Try asking questions and answering questions during class.
    • Every few minutes, look away from your homework.
    • Keep taking the occasional note for your current class.

Method 2
Visiting The Restroom

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    Get your materials ready. It might look strange if you go to the restroom carrying your papers and pencil. For this reason, it's a good idea to prepare them before you ask to visit the bathroom. Hiding all of your materials will let you slip out of class with everything you need.
    • Fold your homework or worksheet up neatly and slip it in your pocket.
    • Hide your pen or pencil in a pocket.
    • If you need another textbook, you might try quickly visiting your locker to pick it up.
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    Ask to use the restroom. Once you've gotten your supplies hidden and ready to go, it's time to ask your teacher if you can visit the bathroom. Act normally as you get your teacher's permission to use the restroom. Stand up and leave as you usually do, heading down to the restroom for some alone time to work on your homework.
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    Find a stall and get to work. Once you've reached the restroom, find a stall with a door that you can close. The stall will afford you some privacy as you work on your homework. It's up to you how you want to set your workspace up, but here are some ideas:
    • Use the stall walls as a solid writing surface, doing your homework while standing up.
    • Put the lid on the toilet down and sit down to get your homework done, using your lap as a writing surface.
    • Use the top-back section of the toilet tank as a makeshift desk.
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    Go back to class. You won't want to spend too long working on your homework in the restroom. If you do, you may get in trouble for being out of class for too long. Once you've got some work done, wash your hands and head back to class.
    • Remember to hide your homework again in your pocket before returning to class.
    • It's probably a good idea to work no longer than five minutes before going back to class.

Method 3
Getting Homework Done On Time

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    Create a schedule. Time management is the biggest issue that can cause you to miss a homework deadline. It's important to build a good schedule and stick to it. This will allow you to stay on target and finish your assignments with plenty of time to spare.[1][2]
    • Write down your assignment and what it requires. This can help you know how much time it might take.
    • Use your study halls to do your homework.
    • Generally, you will need around 1 to 3 hours per night for homework.
    • You can try scheduling your day in hour blocks to visually see how much time you have.
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    Work in a good environment. The environment you study or work in can have a big effect on how well you work. Busy or noisy environments have been show to distract people and cause them to work less effectively. Always make sure the space you do homework in is quiet and allows you to focus.[3]
    • Turn off any televisions or loud music.
    • Close a window if it is too noisy outside.
    • Try to avoid doing homework in a loud public space.
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    Do difficult projects first. Although it may not seem appealing, doing the more difficult projects or problems first can be a good idea. When you first start doing your homework, you will have the most energy and focus. For this reason, tackling the toughest parts of your homework first can give you better results.[4]
    • Save easy problems for later, as they take less energy to do.
    • Doing the hard problems first will leave you with only the easy problems to do in class, should you forget to finish the assignment.
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    Take regular breaks. Working too hard or pushing through when you are tired can result in problems when doing your homework. You may feel like quitting entirely or notice that your answers aren't as good as they could be. Always take a break if you start to feel tired and come back to it when you are feeling refreshed and refocused.[5]
    • Take about a 15 minute break for every hour of work.
    • Don't go too far from your work place. Make it easy on yourself to get back to work after the break.


  • Schedule your time to get homework done before it's due.
  • Sit far away from your teacher.
  • Keep your regular class materials out on your desk.
  • Take some notes as if you were paying attention to the class.
  • Get ready to hide your homework quickly.
  • Take the occasional break to avoid making things too obvious.

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