How to Do Guest Blogging for SEO Purposes

Search engine optimization is evolving with many changes post google panda and penguin updates. In simple terms SEO is nothing but optimizing your website for the search engine.

Google is the most efficient search engine bringing maximum web traffic for your website. Google sensed the fact that many websites do black hat SEO or illegal SEO by means of various techniques like keyword stuffing, doorway pages, link spamming. Thus google introduced panda update to slash content spamming and penguin update to slash link or web spamming.

Link building is one of the most sought and effective off page SEO procedure. One of the effective ways to build quality links is guest blogging. Guest blogging and getting links from quality guest blogging sites is an white hat seo technique that does not lead to penalizing your site.

This article will explain you the step by step procedures in guest blogging activity.


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    Determine your guest post domain. First, you need to identify your web domain’s niche topics. For example, if your website is about cars, you can post guest blogs explaining latest model cars, car brands, car accessories and so on. So you need to list out the keywords or content domain around which you need to pen your blogs.
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    Research. Now that you have your list of topics, you need to search for popular blogs with relevance to your domain space and allow guest blogging. Consequently you will get a few relevant guest blogging sites.
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    Do some Qualitative analysis. You need to determine the quality of the guest blogging sites you have collected with respect to their Google page rank, traffic status, activity status, member count and visibility in search engines.
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    Do a Page rank analysis. Google rates websites based on their performance, backlinks and relevance. Then it ranks the website from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest page rank. You can check the page rank of the guest blogging site with tools like
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    Traffic analysis. Only if there is considerable traffic to the guest sites, you will be able to generate traffic to your website through your backlink. The traffic statistics for the guest post site can be determined using sites like
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    Determine its Activity status. Go for guest blogging sites that have recent activity and good readership. This can be determined by checking the date of the recent posts.
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    Check its Member count. Select blogging sites that have good member counts. You may follow or share your posts to relevant members and create more visibility to your blog posts.
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    Approach the blogs. After all the research you would have zeroed in one a few guest blogging sites. Firstly register with these sites by using the sign up form. These sites offers a contact form or provides an email ID through which you can send your content and post review you may have your post published after moderation.


  • Always go for high Page rank sites ranging from PR4 and above.
  • Keep your content informative. If at all you want to include some advertising or marketing stuff do it in the ratio of, info content 80% and marketing content 20%.
  • Link back to relevant webpage in your website which may not necessarily be your index page. Link back to webpage in your site that adds value to your blog topic.


  • Do not rewrite existing content. Post only original content if you really wish to promote your brand name.
  • Do not include too many links to your website. Use only two or one contextual link, linking back to your website.

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