How to Do Great at Try Outs

Do you have a big try-out for a sports team coming up, and are you nervous for it? Well, most likely you are, but this article will show you ways to rock at try-outs and break through your anxiousness.


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    Be confident as you enter. Walk into try-outs with a positive attitude, and act like you know what you are doing when it comes to the sport you're trying out for.
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    Remember that if you mess up, then it's not the end of the world. Simply just shrug it off, and make up for it later in the try-out, by being extra aggressive, or by doing another thing to impress the coach.
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    Do whatever the coach tells you to. Do not complain, and obey the coach's demands. For example, if he says to do push-ups, crunches, laps, etc, then just do it, no matter how hard what they ask may seem to you, because no coach wants a whiner or complainer on their team.
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    Pay attention to what the coach wants to see. If he wants aggression, then be aggressive. If he stresses defense, then try extra hard to do good at defense.
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    Give more than 100% during all of the try-out. This way, even if you don't make the team in the end, you'll have no regrets, because you know that you tried your absolute best.
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    Study your competition. Watch the older players trying out and learn from them. Study your competition so that you know the standards that the coach expects, and then aim to get better than them.


  • Don't let other players stress you out. If they look like they will do really good, or if they act cocky, then try not to let it bother you and focus on yourself.
  • Avoid excessive socializing with your friends, especially if the coach is discussing something. This will only tell the coach that you're not that serious about the team, and they will most likely cut you.
  • Body language will tell the coach a ton about you. Remember to stand up straight and to keep your head up. Display your confidence, but do not be overly cocky. The coach wants someone that will support the team, and not bring it down by making other players feel bad about themselves.
  • Always remember that the coach is watching everything you do. If he hears you bad mouth a teammate, or make another rude gesture, then it could result in you being cut from the team.
  • Make sure you have the appropriate gear or other try-out items needed for the sport you are playing. If you have everything with you and ready to go, this will let the coach know that you are dedicated to the sport you are trying out for.
  • When the coach calls you in, run over, and try to be the first one there, and listen attentively. The coach will definitely want players who pay attention and listen to what they are saying on their team.


  • Don't be a show-off, as other players and coaches don't like that. If you are really good at a skill they are mentioning, then keep that to yourself until they ask you all to demonstrate it.
  • Avoid telling yourself that you are bad at the sport. This may only make you do worse. Instead, tell yourself you're going to do great.
  • Make sure you are in good enough physical condition to be playing sports. If you are not, then it may not be a good idea to participate in that sport. Instead, go to the games, and watch from the bleachers.

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